Seminars organized in Ayvaz, Indonesia

Ayvaz met with representatives of leading companies operating in Indonesia with a series of intensive seminars lasting one week in June. The Ayvaz officials, who talked about the points, products and services of Ayvaz brand today, also shared their experiences in the sector with the participants.

In recent years, the export volume of Turkey in mechanical installation sector highlights Ayvaz continue unabated their activities abroad. Ayvaz, who gave seminars for current and potential customers in Indonesia for one week in various sectoral issues in June, has strengthened its presence in the region by introducing its brand and its products in detail and contributed to technical and infrastructure development of the installation sector in the region.

Within the scope of the seminars, Ayvaz Education and Project Advisor H. Tarık Güner and Ö.Detailed technical description of all product groups was made by Candaş Renklidere and extensive presentations were made on the use of steam in the industry. Güner, in some field surveys, made on-site inspections on the steam systems, the effect on energy efficiency and what should be taken into account when using steam, and he passed his experiences. The usage areas, working principles and advantages of Ayvaz fire products tested and approved by organizations such as FM, UL, VdS, CE, EN were mentioned in the seminars where Ayvaz Fire Products Manager Ahmet Kahraman presented with the presentation titled “Ayvaz Fire Protection Equipment”.

Gokhan Gursoy, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager who provided information on the subject, said that they set out with the principle of becoming a local brand all over the world and therefore determined their new slogan in foreign trade as “Globally Local”, “globally local company”. “From this slogan, we act like a local brand in every country we operate. We share our sectoral experience all over the world. In short, the pioneering role of Turkey in the plumbing industry Ayvaz brand it is, so we are trying to get that in the global arena. The intense seminar series that we organized in Indonesia – up to five hours in length – was carried out for this purpose, “he said.

Ayvaz has production facilities in Russia, Bulgaria, China and Poland abroad; Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Poland, China and Kazakhstan. Thanks to this vast trading network, Ayvaz’s foreign exchange is a major part of foreign trade, exporting steadily to 95 countries.

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