Split Air Conditioner Efficient Use and Useful Information

Split for efficient use of air conditioners and split useful information is given to practical note on the air conditioner.

Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioners Efficient Use

– Air conditioning Close while the need for external heat-emitting devices.
– Keep the thermostat at the highest possible temperature. Recommended temperatures are 25 ° C.Is 8 ° C difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor is ideal for human health.
– Day to take the hot air inside during the hottest hours of opening the windows. Make a night of it has to be done in the cool hours of natural ventilation.
– Split furniture do not block the air-conditioned air supply mouth or with another item.
– Isolation, as it is important for the winter. It is also important for the summer. Check that the reception of thermal insulation in your building measures.
– Use the type of glass that can filter or reflect the sunlight.
– Buying a new air conditioning and choose the buying energy-efficient.
– Turn off the fan If you leave your room a certain period of time. Patency is an absolute waste of energy.
– Have the maintenance of your split air conditioner. such as excessive power consumption to extend the life of the periodical maintenance of the appliance should be aware avoid.
– Air conditioning Keep your filters clean. Filter dirty devices are energy loss by up to 6%.
– Air conditioning in your care by a qualified team to take out at least once a year is required for efficient operation.
– At the beginning of the cooling season condenser package it has been expanded, and finally cleaned with detergent watered.
– Protect your sptlit Air Conditioner direct daylight.
– Cool your home, cold outside air by opening your window in the cold hours of the day. Today’s taken the necessary measures to prevent the hot hours of daylight entering the room. (Exterior shutters, sun breakers, etc.).
– Air to the “off” position by the switch to Obtain a certain time the fans remain open.
– Pay attention to any obstructions covering the air inlet and outlet sections of the outdoor unit.(Check the beginning of each season)
– Climatized and the door is opened too frequently in building air curtain should be used.


Related Practice Notes with Split Air Conditioners

• Oil trap arises from use due to lubrication requirements. lubrication is required to wear of moving parts in the compressor. Thus in the compressor oil and refrigerant it is in contact. Revisions high from the indoor unit supplies the outdoor unit u in weight with a higher fat accumulates in the lower elevations and can be absorbed back into the compressor oil trap is not used. As a result of this, the first being damaged by oil-free compressors, second, revealed problems of blockage of oil fills the indoor unit heat exchanger.
• When using more than two trap oil need to add oil to the system. Oil system should be given to the intake valve.
• crankcase heater to prevent freezing of the oil found in the device. In particular, it is necessary to control the heater in high supply. this heater runs constantly while the main power system.Therefore, the main energy of the system to avoid any damage to the compressor should always be left open, the fuse should be closed, the thermostat should be turned off from the system if necessary. Again, for the same reason, after the cold winter time, the system will be taken in the first half and 1-2 daily power outages, the device must wait 24 hours before opening the main power switched on. (Thermostat system in the ‘off’ position should be.)
• The compressor has its own protection against overheating. In addition, an external thermal protection must be used if desired. Additionally, the device is opened and closed, the compressor 3-minute wait to enter the circuit, so that it is protected against pressure imbalance.
• There are high and low pressure switch on the outdoor unit. Low pressure switch at 30-35 psi little if flowable, is activated if the high pressure switch 415 psi. This can only be reset manually. With the in-built pressure protection High pressure switch and the compressor stops at a value greater than 415 psi compressor, the compressor will be fully protected.
• Indoor fan system turned on for 20-30 seconds. then engaged. Thus came the evaporator gas and prevents unwanted air temperatures hang around. The system closes in 60 seconds. then deactivated, so the pressure is balanced.
• the best method for controlling the amount of gas from a point in the compressor suction port insulated electronic thermometer with a four-way valve and the outdoor temperature is measured.The difference is that there is no problem and 52 ° C. This method gives more reliable results according to the method of measuring pressure, because pressure values are given a wide range.Furthermore, the pressure measurements greater than 25 ° C, cooling, and heating gives accurate results at temperatures less than 10 ° C.
• Defrosting the outdoor unit while working heating system causes the formation of snow. This is the inverse operation of the device to be solved (cooling state) called defrosting. The sensor in the outdoor coil surface is switched off as soon as the temperature drops to -2 ° C in the pipe. After this time, the system pre-selected time, until the electronic card (30-60-80 min.) Continues to work on further heating circuits. The reason is that snow and also at the bottom to start the bottom of the coil sensor. Thus, the entire surface is prevented from starting the defrost snow. After this time the system starts to reverse. In the meantime, only indoor fan running outdoor fan waits. If the electric heater is activated. The process continues until the reopening sensor 22-23 ° C. Even if the device has not been reached at this temperature for 10 min then again returns to heating mode.
• System practically exceed 4-5 ° C outside temperature falls below the start defrost.
• It is advantageous to hang around will prevent cold air during defrost electric heater.
• Very often the reason for passing gas defrost may decrease.
• Emergency Heater least until the goal is to make the service even if the fault instant heating.Emergency Heat is the heat pump’s thermostat (EM.HT) button on the outdoor unit is opened all the power is cut off, it only works if you have an electric heater. system does not work with because she must ask for this issue to users.
• The indoor unit must filter should be used.
• Channel and filters periodically (at least once a month) must be removed. The filter should be washed. Bathing should not be used if absolutely dried. Never should not be attempted without a filter. If a sufficient amount of filters should be stored if using a disposable filter.
• There is no need for a planned maintenance schedule of the outdoor unit. But especially in controlling the country with not less than once in every cooling season and, if necessary, it is advisable to clean the. Outside air entering the unit must take care to secure. to restrict the flow of air entering the condenser, which will cause a decrease in system capacity. It will also bring with it a high work pressure and excessive operating costs. If the outdoor unit is mounted on a grassy area adjacent or close-up care should be taken to prevent damage to their equipment and lawn mowing equipment.

Source: Isısan, Split Systems

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