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Our site named tesisat.org has adopted to respect the law, laws, copyrights and personal rights. Our site serves as the content provider defined in the law numbered 5651. According to the relevant law, the site management has no obligation to control illegal content. For this reason, our site has adopted the “warn and remove” principle. Rights holders who are disturbed by any news, who doubt the authenticity of the news or who think that the news, article, picture and copyrighted works that are used are illegally shared and that legal rights are violated can reach the site administration at bilgi@tesisat.org.

Your complaints and requests that reach here will be reviewed by our site management and the content that is considered to be violated will be removed from our site immediately.

tesisat.org is not responsible for the legal sanctions that may arise from advertisements and columns published on tesisat.org.

Warn – Remove System

What is it?

Warn – Remove system; It is the process of legally requesting the removal of unfair content from the site by sending a warning to the site officials by the rights holders of the work or their authorized representatives, if it is determined that a copyrighted content is included on any website without permission from the right owners.

Before using this method, the copyrighted works are listed and rights ownership and authorization documents are provided.

Upon the warning of the right holders on the work to the relevant website or the site authority, unfair content must be removed from the site within 3 to three) days. If not removed, right holders or their authorized representatives can request the blocking of access to unfair content on the site by applying to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Relevant law article
Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works Additional Article 4

5846 Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works Supplementary Article 4 – (Annex: 21/2/2001 – 4630/37 art.)
(Amended third paragraph: 3/3 / 2004-5101 / 25 art.

“In case of violation of the rights of the right holders in connection with the work owners by means of sign, sound and / or image transmission, including digital transmission, by service and information content providers, the works subject to infringement are removed from the content upon the applications of the right holders. For this, the real or legal person whose rights are damaged, firstly applies to the information content provider and requests that the violation be stopped within three days. If the violation continues, this time, upon the application made to the public prosecutor, within three days, the service provider is asked to stop the service provided to the information content provider that continues with the violation. In case the violation is stopped, the information content provider is provided with a new service. Service providers notify the Ministry of the list showing the names of information content providers on the first business day of each month. Service providers and information content providers are obliged to provide all kinds of information and documents, if requested by the Ministry. The principles and procedures regarding the implementation of the issues specified in this article are determined by a regulation to be issued by the Ministry. “