Built-in Safety Valve Lobe Pumps and New Projects

Industrial crops “MIT” Internal Safety Valve Lobe Pumps with Safe Food Solutions Targets.

Milk, buttermilk, cream cheese, juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate, honey, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be transferred in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially heavy viscosity to eliminate the problems that occurred during the transfer of liquid and MIT built-in to be able to secure fluid transfer Safety Valve Lobe offering industrial liquid transfer pump to the world Market Annex aims to provide a solution partner.

Ekin Industrial ‘ “Process Pumps Manager Melih Cihan Raiders” the pressure inside caused the pipeline from other equipment in the system, if not more than the pressure is set at safety valve, relief valve, pneumatic trigger and pull it out the front door, stepped in and flow released, so that the pump and lobar he said that the possibility of damage to the system effectively reduced.

Raiders continued his words as follows. the high-pressure flow during CIP and SIP, this option through the pump and preventing damage to the system that provided an opportunity for a healthy washing voiced observations.

Built-in Safety Valve Lobe Pumps

Built-in safety features of Valve Lobe Pump: Pressure relief valve, pressure set in the security situation of pressure opens automatically. The valve works pneumatically. (1 bar-6 bar)

MIT Lobe pumps, valveless positive displacement pumps. Each pump is a special solution at MIT.Safety valve lobe pump, depending on the time of the transfer in the event of failure of other equipment is set to be greater than the pressure in the pressure relief valve in the pipe, it reduces the possibility of corruption entering the safety valve circuit lobe pump effectively. CIP, SIP is used effectively in the wash. CIP, SIP or even during the high-pressure flow, prevents this option due to damage to the pump and healthy cleaning.

Stunning Houses Çankaya Heating and Cooling operations to provide industrial crops.

Nfis Çankaya Houses

Turkey’s leading company in the Heating and Cooling sector industrial crops, ” MIT ‘between branded products group with the most preferred brands.

Ankara’s natural habitat Imrahor rising in the Valley, 21000 square meters which is located on an area of 5 in blocks with 209 residential Exquisite Çankaya Houses ‘MIT’ branded products are aimed at the realization of the heating and cooling process.

within the project pool, children’s playground, gym, private study rooms and 209 residential ‘MIT’ ‘thanks to the product group heating and cooling will be provided.

Production capacity, innovative design, engineering services, before and after sales customer-oriented approach with a lot of projects located in industrial crops’ ‘MIT’ products, by signing major project aims to provide solutions with advanced technology principles in heating-cooling in Turkey.

Source: Erdem Özkan, Internal Safety Valve Lobe Pumps Exquisite Çankaya Houses

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