Shopping with Ayvaz Online is very advantageous

Offering an advantageous shopping opportunity in a different product group every month, Ayvaz Online announced that 15% discount will be applied to DBV-40 and DBV-30 dynamic balancing valves between June 15th and July 30th. In addition, 4 installments and free shipping are also available in advance for all purchases.

Ayvaz Online e-commerce site Ayvaz Online, one of the leading companies in the installation sector, faces the end users with discount campaigns that are made every month in a different product group.Regardless of where everyone in Turkey aims to bring the quality of Ayvaz Ayvaz Online 15th June-30th of July between 40 and offers DBV-DBV-30 15% discount in the sales dynamic balancing valves. Moreover, Ayvaz products are available at “” with 4 installments and free shipping in cash at whatever price and amount.

Having produced the firsts of the mechanical installation sector for 69 years, Ayvaz continues to establish a relationship with Ayvaz Online, the e-commerce site, in digital terms. All Ayvaz products extending from compensators to flexible metal hoses and traps to fire products meet the latest consumers with discount prices and free shipping on site. Ayvaz Online, which means fast, easy, safe and installment shopping for users who want to buy especially in low quantities, is offering monthly discount campaigns up to 50% in a different product group every month. Users easily shop from anywhere they live, from any device connected to the Internet, without the phone traffic. Moreover, all products regardless of the number and the amount is delivered with free shipping to all parts of Turkey. The e-commerce site, which has a 128 bit SSL security certificate for customers to carry out the shopping process with credit card for maximum security, offers the option of paying by wire transfer as well as 4 installment advantages of credit card.

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