Arkom Advantageous Boiler Care Days

Arkom the boiler and air conditioning Technical Service Central and comb Cleaning servicesbetween 15/05/2016 and 30/09/2016 will continue in history “Discount Heating Systems Maintenance Days” campaign kicks.

Arkom the boiler in care at discounted prices that they make during the campaign, users also will be able to benefit from the advantages of reduced spare parts. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency as it extends the life of the heating system also reduces fuel consumption.

Arkom boiler service, high customer satisfaction targets organized by the advantageous maintenance days of the campaign. Arkom 15 May – will continue between September 30, 2016“Discounted Heating Systems Maintenance Days” campaign is urging everyone with care.Heating boiler maintenance in the campaign, cleaning pads, protective fluid, regulating regulation and the receipt of a complete service of honeycomb of air is applied in a single program. Thus benefiting from the boiler service campaign that is going to secure the entire heating system users.

Gas wishing to benefit from the campaign, consumers, 0 262 331 15 69 by calling Arkom service support center, all kinds of customer representatives, aims to provide high quality services in question and find the answer to their problems, but also can get detailed information from the websites located at the following contact information.

Arkom Combi

More About Arkom

Kocaeli boiler / air conditioning service, maintenance and repair issues Izmit, Derince, Gulf, puddles, İzmit, operates in Kartepe district and neighborhood. Arkom Combi / Air Conditioning Service Fondital, Ditroo is authorized service branded combi, ECE, Demirdöküm to Bay, Ferrol, Ariston, Alarko, Baykan, Vaillant and well-known boilers and air conditioning as Viessmann gives the service. technicians have been trained in providing services within the company service centers of leading companies in the heating sector for many years, is composed of experts has served its customers. Service technicians are located within the company’s company logo and company use their service vehicles where the post. Boiler installation in accordance with the demands of customers outside of these services, honeycomb cleaning and restoration of areas such as installation, you can take advantage of the expert team.

It entered our lives with comfort provided in recent years, environmentally as well as economically, environmentally friendly natural gas as the fuel type, raising our standard of living and saving time as an energy source; heating is used instead of hot water and tubes in the kitchen. Quite a high standard and burning this gas with elements that make life easier for people living in all areas of the energy is used to convert the boilers are also important as the gas itself. Fuel consumption, safety, health, and though they may vary brand and model of the high efficiency boilers are the only common room; installation, maintenance and repair are required. Each brand brings the solution to the boiler failures, our firm to provide installation and maintenance, has a company profile that provides technical support for more efficient and secure natural gas consumption.

Arkom Contact Information

Address: Kadikoy Mah. Reşitpaşa Sok. No: 28 Izmit
Phone: (0262) 331-15-69
Fax: 0 (262) 331 15 68
Email: My
Web Address:

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