Toshiba VRF system in Ankara CEPA Office Building

Toshiba VRF system was preferred in Ankara CEPA Office Building. Since 2007, the CEPA Office, which rises beside the CEPA Shopping Center which is the meeting point of Ankarars, brings a new breath to business life.

The CEPA Office located on the Eskisehir road consists of basement, ground and 20 kattan, each with an area of ​​675 m2. The covered area of ​​the building has approximately 18 thousand m2, 370 parking spaces with 2 floors. Due to the fact that the office building is beside the shopping malls, the employees of the institution and offers social opportunities to the visitors. The most sought-after fresh air circulation is provided in the plazas with openable windows and balconies in the building.

Ankara Cepa Office

Smart Choice

The heating and cooling of the CEPA Office building will be done with Toshiba heating and cooling systems . In the building’s air conditioning project, Toshiba’s new SMMS-e series VRF systems with excellent performance, larger capacity, uninterrupted heating were preferred.

The most flexible solution for 20 storey building

With a total capacity of 2,100 kW, one of the largest projects in the VRF system, 75 external and 380 indoor units will be installed. This installation is provided by Toshiba’s SMMS-e series VRF systems, which offer more flexible solutions by reaching the number of indoor units of 22 HP, system capacity of 60 HP and 64 connectable indoor units.

Impressive Efficiency

Workstations at the CEPA Office will reduce annual energy consumption to a minimum with the impressive efficiency of the new high efficiency DC Twin Rotary compressor and SMMS-e with ESEER performance above 7.00 in all capacities thanks to the excellent compatibility of vector controlled inverter technology.

Black & Winter Uninterrupted Heating Guarantee

Employees of CEPA Office will be able to enjoy the same comfort with SMMS-e four seasons.They will be in a hot and clean air environment in Ankara’s harsh winter conditions. Because Toshiba guarantees cooling at -25 ° C, cooling at 46 ° C. Moreover, with its continuous heating feature, the indoor units are providing continuous heating comfort without stopping.

Toshiba Vrf System

Working in a quiet office

SMMS-e is very quiet; because the fan motor is operating at a speed as low as 60 rpm, thanks to the new inverter control system. Very quiet; because the insulation materials used in the new compressors have been developed to reduce the sound to a minimum. Very quiet even though it has more powerful compressors; because the battery design, which has a new and very high heat transfer capacity, can provide the required capacity at lower loads.


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