Eksel Fire and Security Systems

Eksel Fire Extinguishing Systems, 2007, from the development of the sector with its wide range of products and services, fire protection sector since and has contributed to the growth. Pursuing its goal production has taken place in the sector with an experienced team providing solutions rapidly and has a say in the manufacture of fire safety equipment.


in the world’s rapidly growing population provides the same living space to grow rapidly. Therefore, we recognize that the power to control brought the threat of increasing growth. If no measures are taken in natural disasters. Eksel, in order to prevent catastrophic fires producing, researching and develop solutions that have been committed.

tulumbacı form the basis of today’s fire pit, despite having received first place in the fire safety sector SECTOR We think that Turkish companies, making production in late international standards.

Producing these as developing the production and not just our own borders as the Turkish brand of Asia, Middle East and Africa to offer a solution in the fire safety industry in many countries and we are proud to be preferred.


Providing our customers with high quality and reasonable solution,
to produce advanced technology in the sector and improve fire safety,
producing export products to exceed our limits and to contribute to Turkey’s economy.

Eksel Fire Pumps

Eksel Fire and Security Systems Services

Our company first aims to pass in front of the fire with a fire extinguishing system that serves. Then it prevents accidental fires to grow and spread around. Vision and aims to protect people’s life and property security as its mission Eksel Fire; fog extinguishing systems, extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing systems and dust suppression system offers to its customers.


The causes of the fire, arranging for fire scenarios, selection of appropriate systems to potential fires that may occur, we serve our customers on the measures to be taken against fire. This service; It is based on international standards and in this way we provide consultancy services.


our professional and expert engineers, using the current account and software support, we design the fire protection system. In accordance with international standards of fire we are continuing our project work.

Material Supply

all equipment necessary for fire protection systems; nation with leading technology and high level of our country are obtained from international companies. In this way, any problems and equipment problems are experienced in any of our systems. You can choose within our field of fire fighting systems in place for quality and reliability.

Application & Monte

Installation by our expert team of fire-fighting system is first made. Then our engineers performing various tests is to check the availability of the system. Our engineers by testing procedures are applied and function tests are performed. This system runs about after the test case has been delivered to the user.


Originally by providing quality materials and expert turnkey installation of fire detection and suppression systems are delivered by the user. So with the service you receive from our company, you will never work involved and we can design the system from beginning to end, we will do turnkey.

Contract Maintenance

We conduct periodic maintenance depending on the contract you have received with the fire extinguishing system. many years of fire suppression and detection systems established in the Structure name to work with the same data; We make the periodic maintenance of the system.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam Fire Suppression Systems Eksel

FM200 Extinguishing

FM200 gas extinguishing systems extinguishing feature is physical. Testing should be performed several times and tried most effective, it was determined that there was no damage to the cleanest and human life.

Carbon dioxide Extinguishing

Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, they provide a simple operation that quenched the fire with the logic of intervention. Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems are very effective and low cost.

Extinguishing Systems

The hood fire suppression systems , fire suppression systems are used in the kitchen and other areas. benefits to prevent possible fires out in the hood.

Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

by the effect of heat generated from a fire sprinkler system starts to work with any waterproof fires.The sprinkler discharge of water to the fire scene as provided.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam fire extinguishing systems, sprinkler system works like water. Based on the chemical content;synthetic or protein-based, alcohol-resistant, film-forming foam types located.

Detection, Alarm Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, is the basic function of bulunarak soon extinguished the fire source. Analogue addressable and conventional systems are divided into two types of systems.

Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Systems

Water present as a mist into small particles; This system, in which different groups of water mist extinguishing name verilmektedir.2; single agent and as a double-agent can be studied separately.

Powder Extinguishing Systems

chemical powder used in dust suppression system; a layer of combustible material constitutes.extinguishing time compared with other extinguishing systems is quite low.

Eksel Fire and Security System Products

-Fire Cabinets

And to extinguish fires in the building’s interior or cooling, as well as the control of fires occurring around the outside of the building, garden and working to prevent the growth does indeed provide many benefits. water from the water mains in the area are providing fire hoses to spray the water in these cabinets. With that as the pulley system inside the building when the fire hose cabinet has quick access to the fire. double tube as the only hose reel spools can also be found.

Decorative glass doors Fire Cabinet

Outdoor fire cabinet among the places most commonly used by school gardens, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, factories, resorts or sites, hotels, a normal residential sites and houses. As can be noticed outside sitting around, waiting, or spending time with activities carried out buildings and residential areas where it is most needed are outdoor cabinets for the fire. In the garden of the building or in open parkland fire occurred, these cabinets that have a chance to intervene before the fighters, and can help to prevent the loss of both goods.

-Fire Extinguisher Reel
-Dry Chemical Fire Tubes
-EKO Biological Fire Tubes
-Fire Valves
-Fire Extinguisher Hydrant
-Fire Extinguisher Hoses
-Mobile Foam Tank
-Fire Extinguisher Clothing
-Fire Pumps
They -mode Water Tank Installation
-Fire Respiratory Equipment
-Fire escape
-Fire Doors

Eksel Fire and Security Systems Contact

Address: Merkez Mah. Sites Cad. No: 14 / B Bayrampaşa / Istanbul
Phone: 0212 567 9152 – 565 1181 (PBXs)
Mobile: 0532 776 1144
Fax: 0212 565 1188
Email: My info@ekselyangin.co
Web: http: My //www.ekselyangin.co

Eksel Fire and Security Systems

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