Aurafog Air Conditioning Systems

Constant humidity and temperature values ​​are required especially in many production areas for spinning, weaving and knitting. These conditions must be met for continuous and quality production.The dampening systems of the Aurafog fog lamps are provided as an effective solution for achieving the most economical and efficient weather conditions.

In air handling units, up to 80% energy saving is achieved compared to the old type (pool) systems, more hygienic wet and cool air is obtained and also maintenance and labor costs are reduced. In in-plant applications, the projects specifically evaporate the application area and water particles before reaching the product and the machine, cooling the environment, leaving dust and providing the desired moisture value.

Aurafog Climate Systems

1: Aurafog Humidification Systems are applied in central building ventilation.
2: Air Handling Units Humidity Units
They can be designed by Aurafog Engireening in any size and capacity for all air handling unit manufacturers.

It is possible to select here for all external units, including the control panel. The selection of the humidification units depends entirely on the choice of the unit manufacturers, and the Arafogengineers design the unit to suit the unit by considering the demands it receives .

Aurafog Workspaces

• Humidification Systems
a) Glass and Plastic Greenhouse Humidification Systems
b) Mushroom Production Facilities Humidification Systems

The Aurafog passes into the gas phase created by the high pressure systems, causing the temperature of the surrounding air to fall and the connected nasal to rise.

– Protection of ideal year-round production conditions
– High efficiency
– Ensure rapid rooting
– Faster production
– To ensure better production quality and homogeneous environment protection

Ideal environments for living creatures are deteriorated in extreme humidity or low humidity, either too hot or too cold. With AURAFOG SYSTEMS, the humidity levels in the greenhouse can be controlled to create the ideal environment for sweating and photosynthesis which is very important for plant growth (evaporation).

Application areas in glass and plastic greenhouses (tomatoes, eggplant, banana, salad, pepper) etc. Providing high humidity at mushroom production facilities, accelerating the production process, ensuring humidity from flower greenhouses, cooling works of air conditioning plants and providing automated systems of humidity testing.

• Cooling Systems
a) Cooling systems for animal farms
Refreshing studies to ensure that cattle are not fed because of exposure to climatic temperatures and that meat and milk losses do not occur.

b) Outdoor cooling systems
Cafe, restaurant, camellia, carpet field, etc. Outdoor temperature 15c cooling work to work.

c) Outdoor cooling systems of yachts

• Bad Odor Removal and Disinfection Systems
Factory waste areas, restaurants, recycling facilities, leather industry, etc. Disturbing odors in the fields are preferred by choosing Aurafog high-pressure pump systems to preserve the disinfection conditions of the zone, if necessary.

– Chrome high pressure installation
– Connection apparatus
– Control Panel
– Pump system
– Filter unit selection is made.

• Power Plant Systems
Radiator units that are overloaded due to external and internal high air temperatures in power plants cause failure and stop the operation of the system. The system, which we have built up, reduces the heat in the vicinity of 15 ° C in open environments. This allows the system to run for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Prepared pump groups are based on project time and water saving consumption.

• Dust Suppression Systems
a) Concrete plants dust suppression and humidification
Aurafog Systems is the working principle of the priority system in the operation of ready-mixed concrete plants. It accelerates the mixing of the ready-mixed concrete and dust suppression in the quarries and ensures high efficiency, factors are controlled throughout the day by automation.Concrete site plants are dust suppressing, making the thin and thick gravel moist and accelerating the extra mixing process time. Ensure that the dust is suppressed in the desired system of the high dust zone.

b) Important components of spraying systems
– Chrome tube should be preferred
– In general, the system forms 12mm chrome pipes and the high pressure lines consist of 22mm chrome pipes.
– Aurafog Fogging Systems / consists of pump, pipelines, holders, nozzles and central control panel.

• High Pressure Pump Groups
General construction of car wash groups, etc.

Aurafog Services

• Cold Weather Rooms
Industrial production of cold rooms, installation and assembly projects, lawn chambers, slaughterhouses, milk storage sludge cooling systems in animal farms.

• Plumbing & Hydrofor
Designing of iron, stainless, pvs and pprc installations, (home and work places, factory water booster systems, etc.).

• Metal-Welding Projects

Aurafog Connect With

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