Real Merter Project Prefer MIT Mark

Ekin Industrial, the leading company in the heating and cooling sector, continues to work on projects without slowing down. Real Merter Project selected Ekin Industrial “MIT” brand.

The Real Merter project, which rises above the 14.500 m2 area and is the first urban transformation project in Istanbul and has a life in the textile center Merter, chose the ‘MIT’ brand.

The giant project with 3 blocks, 248 flats, 155 shops, shopping malls and social platforms is aimed at providing ‘MIT’ brand heating and cooling activities in the plate heat exchanger area.

Ekin Industrial “MIT” products, which are in many projects with production capacity, innovative designs, engineering services, pre-sales and after-sales customer oriented approach, aim to offer solutions with high technology principles in heating and cooling areas in Turkey by signing huge projects.

Real Merter

About Ekin Industrial:

Ekin Endüstriyel was established in 2005 to provide long-term engineering services to the sectors of food and beverage, energy, pharmaceutical, industry and process, hvac, industry, marine and geothermal sectors, heat transfer products such as plate, brazed and pipe heat exchanger, boilers, stainless tanks, the company has continued to pursue its dreams by producing and selling various types of pumps and pump systems such as pressure vessels, expansion tanks , balance vessels, air separators and sediment holders, circle inlet stations, heat stations, pasteurizers and so on. has started to produce engineering solutions by making a first in the name of heating and cooling in Turkey with MIT (Made in Turkey) plate heat exchanger produced by Turkish Engineers in Turkey in order to produce long lasting solutions.

MIT brand heat exchangers; Made in Turkey by Ekin Industrial due to its economic and robustness, having a wide service and dealership network, easy cleaning, conforming to international standards, very high efficiency heat transfer and most importantly being produced by Turkish engineers in Turkey in all detail. that is, MIT, the plate heat exchanger quickly emerged as the first name to come to the fore in the field of heating and cooling.

Not satisfied with this, Ekin Industrial contributed to the world market by drawing attention with its innovative designs in the field of heat transfer products, pressure vessels, liquid transfer products and package systems. MIT branded products, which are based on quality and durability in the production stage, are the most preferred brand by being stripped from other products in the sector.

Ekin Industries has never done anything to offer engineering solutions. She designed and produced heat exchangers and heat stations for more hygienic solutions, heat exchangers for more hygienic solutions, heat exchangers and tank equipments for warmer buildings and installations, pumps for more trouble free fluid transfer.

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