We Are Marching for water, Wilo Turkey Activity

Wilo Turkey, Atlas Magazine organized in cooperation with hiking around Lake Terkos.

Wilo accompanied the water journey all over the world with innovative pump systems, organized a nature walk with the Atlas Magazine business association to celebrate the World Water Day on March 22nd. A large number of nature enthusiasts participated in the activity organized by the motto ” We are Walking for Water ” around Durusu (Terkos) Lake.

Celebrating its 25th year in Turkey Wilo held a hiking collaboration with Atlas Magazine to celebrate the World Water Day. On March 19, walkers participated intensively in the walk around Lake Durusu (Terkos). Participants who saw the natural beauties around the lake closely in the seven-kilometer hiking trail also had the opportunity to visit İnceğiz Cave near Çatalca Inceğiz Village.

Wilo as stating that they want to go with the water that is the source of life Wilo Turkey Melis Suggest Marketing Manager, said: “145 years of brand Wilo pump technology is spearheading worldwide. We know the value of water very well because our work is the most efficient way to carry it. For this reason we are trying to raise awareness about the conservation of clean water resources through different activities and projects. We were very pleased that the nature lovers showed great interest in the activity ‘We are Walking for Water ‘ which we organized to celebrate the World Water Day. We would like to thank Atlas Magazine, which is a must for all enthusiasts and enthusiastic travelers who hand in hand in this meaningful project. ”

The event also highlighted the living conditions of children who had to walk for miles to reach clean water resources in Africa. Melis Öner added that the projects focused on retaining the water will continue in the coming period.

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