Sky City Balkans’ Highest Project Preference Aironn!

Sky City’s highest profile projects in the Balkans was Aironn.

Skopje 281 thousand square meters area, 40-story consists of four towers and 60 thousand square meters of shopping center Sky City parking lot and block ventilation, Aironn’s product range is located within the axial smoke evacuation fans, axial fresh air fans, jet fans, roof type and duct fans will be provided with stairs and elevator pressurization fans.

Balkan project by the organization with the highest Sky City under the umbrella of the International Property Awards that feature European Property Awards, the “Joint Project” and “High Rise Residential” with two awards in the project branch.

Sky City Airone

Parking ventilation, stairs and elevator pressurization, channel and radial type of roof ventilation, Aironn Turkey’s domestic fan manufacturer in the field, since in 2011 it implemented projects and R & D is the industry’s leading companies with work. 4,000 square meters, has a production facility in Izmit. Aironn, the products involved in developing innovative technological features given by in-house R & D engineers, are involved in the production and guarantee the availability after the test.

in the factory, AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) standards have Aironn test laboratory with axial fan design completely made by Aironn, it carries out experimental verification of cell performance and fan jet fans. Sales sustainable before and after-sales service quality and makes continuous Aironn, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational Fluid Dynamics) with a unique fan blade design of the study is to make its own.

Bilkent Integrated Health Campus in Aironn reference, the West City, Ağaoğlu 1453 Themes Istanbul, Viaport Venezia, Phoenix Park, extension guarantees Tunnel, Water Garden Istanbul, Botanica are important projects such as the Fairgrounds.

About Aironn

Aironn, as producer organizations will reflect the strength of the Turkish engineering in the ventilation industry successfully began operations in 2011. Since its inception in the industry who want to make a difference Aironn, technology and innovation in combining global standards with cost advantages aimed at providing solutions. “The instrument is not price competitive, our differences we should be creating” look has a strong R & D infrastructure with respect. R & D is discussed and adopted as a universal culture. Fire, smoke and pressurization fans , jet fans, metro and axial fans after the tunnel fans, EC fans, shelter ventilation fans, attic and duct fans from up on the bathroom fan, the product group made it complete.

Airone Fan Family

Aironn, other system solutions with expertise in ventilation fans also got into engineering planning.Adding new ones every day with national and international certification efforts already Aironn;

• Applus – EN 12101-3: 2002 and EN 12101-3: 2002 / AC: 2006 by 300 ° C / 2h Fire Resistance Certification
• Applus – EN 12101-3: 2002 and EN 12101-3: 2002 / AC: 2006 by 400 ° C / 2h Fire Resistance Certification
• CE Certificate (EN 12101-3)
• TSE Certificate of Compliance Criteria of the Turkish Standards Institute
• TOBB Local Produce Documents
• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
• ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System
• ISO 10002: 2004 Customer Satisfaction Management System
• ISO 18001: 2007 and OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management

System certificate is the owner.

AironnFan Design Group CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis with original, innovative fan blade design, the airselectio, airselectio Atrium and the fan selection program that gave airselectiont name; Aironn producing device and moving beyond being a company that sells, “the system design and application partner of the group” brings its identity.

Aironn, AMCA ANSI / AMCA 250-12 and / ANSI 210-07 in accordance with the standards by TÜV-SÜD testing laboratory accredited fans in Turkey with a “first” in an e signature.

Contact information

Freshwater Mah. Senol Gunes Blv. Mira Tower K: 3 D: 16
Şerifali, Umraniye – Istanbul – Turkey Tel: +90 216 594 56 96
Mobile: +90 545 975 37 00 Fax +90 216 594 57 17

Source: Ozlem Alkan, Corporate Communications Specialist

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