ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2016 Fair

ISK-SODEX sector is one of the leading trade fairs, adding to everyone’s agenda who want to follow the latest trends and developments in the industry is an activity to be. ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2016 Fair, 4 to 7 May 2016 between International Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Insulation, Pumps , Valves, Installations , Water Treatment and Solar Energy Systems will be held at Istanbul Expo Center as fair.


ISK-SODEX domestic and foreign industry experts, distributors and manufacturers of professional dialogue, establish new contacts in the region and continues to be an ideal platform for networking success. Dynamic, democratic and developing innovative spirit Turkey gives priority to international business development.

Turkey with a young and dynamic population increasingly demanding higher quality products. Many companies showcasing the latest products and services at ISK-SODEX fair. Turkey is a thriving market in the process of rapid growth and industrialization. It is seen a significant dynamism in Turkey recently. Turkey is the world’s 15th largest GDP and the Purchasing Power Parity and 17 has the largest economy. OECD countries and a founding member of the G-20 major economies.Turkey due to mass production and imports combined with a diverse product portfolio.

Economies of Istanbul, at the heart of culture and history. With 14 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the largest city in Europe. It occupies a strategic position between Europe and Asia and has a connection to the world with direct flights.

ISK-SODEX, the world’s all over, expert exhibitors and visitors with information as well as offer the possibility to exchange, continued during the fair by supporting programs and the industry’s leading associations with the cooperation thanks to heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation participants and the titles visitors to recognize great opportunities.

Meeting, where the offering to establish business contacts and development opportunities in the sector and has been certified fair ISK-SODEX importance.

– First organized in 1997, the exhibition highlighted the latest edition of the place and position in the industry in 2014 to the point where he drew once more:
– 1,331 participants (including sub-exhibitors)
– 53 535 m2 net stand area
– 84 816 visitors from 126 countries (93% in Europe and 2% in America, 3% American, 2% of which are from Asia)
– 80% of visitors in the decision-making powers
– Reaching the 92% target audiences visitors

Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Insulation, Pumps, Valves, Fittings, which dominates the whole of the Water Treatment and Solar Energy Systems, mechanical plants completely covering the ISK-SODEX Exhibition issues, the whole industry will provide an in-depth perspective, associations, magazines, international trade fairs the sector represented by fully cooperating partners, has created a network for long-term business relationship is the industry’s most important business activities.

5 main reasons to join the ISK-SODEX 2016 Fair

1- International event

The number of international exhibitors increased by 16% in the last exhibition. ISK-SODEX 2014 84 816 visitors attended. These visitors 9050’s was international visitors. The recruitment committee with the support of Turkey Ministry of Economy programs will continue to be held in the next exhibition. In 2014 the world was hosted delegations from 27 different countries buying the scope of this cooperation.

2. The key to success in the region

Turkey is the world’s 16th largest economy. Istanbul is the largest city in the European continent.Hannover Messe Trade Fairs Sodeks ISK-SODEX Exhibition organized by the most important commercial and marketing activities for companies who want to be active in the market in both Turkey and surrounding countries.

3. True deals

Last fair trade visitors are mainly from Europe and the heating, cooling and air conditioning industry came from other key countries. buying 80% of visitors consisted of influential visitors in the decision.

4- Sector experience

ISK-SODEX is an event attended by international and national participants and to follow the latest innovations and developments in the sector of the visitors. Exhibition organized in 1997 for the first time since he showed great improvement.

5- active cooperation with national and international press

Possible uses all kinds of marketing communication tools ISK-SODEX, different authorities in having advertising advantage: having a maximum circulation 6th largest ad in the daily newspaper, the national channel 1264-second television ads, radio campaigns in 388 points in the biggest radio stations and 10 international sector A total of 22 advertising in the magazine.

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