IDEF 17, 13th International Defense Industry Fair

IDEF 17, the 13th International Defense Industry Fair, from 9 to 12 May 2017, the Republic of Turkey in the presidency under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defense Ministry, hosted by the Turkish Foundation for Strengthening the Armed Forces (TAFF) in the management and accountability, Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, Büyükçekmece, It will be prepared in Istanbul.

The IDEF International Defense Industry Fair, which has been running in a single year in two years since 1993, plays a major role in the development of friendship and cooperation between the participating countries. The IDEF, which covers all industrial sectors directly and indirectly related to the defense industry, is an important promotional center and international market for our country as well as for other participating countries and defense industry companies. Having increased the number of participating countries , delegations and companies over the years, IDEF is one of the five largest defense industry fairs in the region and the world’s largest.

The fuara prepared in 2015; Consisting of 781 companies and company representatives from 53 countries, consisting of 76 countries and 1 international organization, including 18 ministers, 19 Deputy Ministers, 6 Chief of General Staff, 3 Chief of Staff II, 8 Force Commanders and 15 Undersecretaries, senior foreign delegations participated. The fair was visited by 59,715 professionals from 110 countries.

MSB, TSK and General Directorate of Security; A total of 2,230 appointments were held between 23 high-level procurement authorities responsible for Supply, Plan and Principles Departments and participating companies, foreign delegations, senior military and civilian officials. This information has proven once again that the IDEF Fair is among the most successful and remarkable organizations on the international platform in the Defense Industry.

IDEF will continue to be an organization with 17 exhibitors and visitors to follow the technological developments in the defense industry and to provide international business alliance opportunities in their procurement programs. Hosted by IDEF 17, Chiefs of Staff, Senior Civilian and Military Authorities, decision-making authorities in the field of procurement and defense equipment, as well as the Defense Ministers of friendly and allied countries, will be able to exchange views and domestic and foreign industrial organizations will be able to make important trade contacts .

IDEF 17 Fair Coverage

• Main Battle Tanks
• Armored Combat Vehicles
-Painted Armored Vehicles
-Twiled Armored Vehicles
• Mine Resistant Vehicles
• Tactical Vehicles
• Artillery Systems
-Football and Bowling Motor Boats / Obs
-Topper Rockets
-Fast Control and Shooting Support Systems
-Definition, Diagnosis and Evaluation
• Infantry Weapons
-Slight Weapons
– Heavy Weapons
• Command, Control and Communication (C3) Systems
• Intelligence, Surveillance and Discovery (ISR) Systems
• Friendly / Enemy Recognition Systems
• Night Vision Systems
• Thermal Systems
• Target Detection and Diagnosis Systems
• Laser Technologies
• Electronic Warfare Systems
-Passive Systems
-Active Systems
• Networked Warfare Systems
• Communication Systems
-Tactic Communication
-Strategic Communication
-Special Systems and Cryptology
-Feedback Communication
• Listening and Mixing Systems
• Ammunition
Small Diameter Ammunition
-Large Ammunition
-Topper munition
-Earth Ammunition
-Roket and Guided Feller
-Tactic Ballistics Fuller
-Fuel, Propellant Barrel, Tapa and Warheads
-explosive on
-Lighting Ammunition
• Remote Commanded Weapon Stations
• Air Defense Systems
– Air Defense Firings
– Low Altitude Air Defense
– Antiaircraft Squads
– Anti-Airborne Couples with a Bowl
– Pedestal Mounted Systems
– Early Warning and Warning Radars
– Target Detection, Diagnosis and Monitoring Systems
• Fixed and Rotating Wing Platforms
– Training Platforms
– Attack Platforms
– General Purpose Platforms
– Heavy Duty Platforms
– AK / MAK Platforms
– Discovery, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
– Sanitary Evacuation and Treatment
• Unmanned Systems
– Unmanned Air Systems (IHS)
– Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
– Mini IDPs
– Tactical IDPs
– Strategic HRHA
– Rotating Poultry IDPs
– Armed IDPs
– Unmanned Air Vessels (Aerostat)
– Unmanned Land Vehicles (IKA)
Exploration and Surveillance İKA’s
– Explosives Disposal IKA’s
• Training and Simulation Systems
• Computers and Software
• Power Packs
• Tool and Material
• Obstacle and Obstacle Cleaning Material
• Bridge System and Equipment
• Rescue Systems
• CBRN Systems and Protective Equipment
• Armor Systems and Ballistic Materials
• Camouflage Materials
• Landmine Detection and Cleaning
• Mapping and Mapping Systems
• Future Military Personal Materials and Equipment
• Strippers
• Explosives Disposal (EOD)
• Logistics Support Units
• Battle and Support Vessels
– Destroyer, Frigate and Corvettes
– Submarines
– Attackers
– Outposts
– Mine Hunting Vessels
– Air Defense and Submarine Defense Platforms
– Battle Support Vessels
– Coast Guard Platforms
– Helicopter Platforms
– Removal Vessels
– Sudden Intervention Boats
– Inflatable Boats
• Fixed and Rotating Wing Platforms
– Training Platforms
– DSH Platforms
– Marine Patrol Platforms
– AK / MAK Platforms
– General Purpose Platforms
– Discovery, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
• Remote Commanded Weapon Stations
• Electronic Warfare and Self Defense Systems
• Electronic Support Systems
• Unmanned Systems
– Unmanned Air Systems (IHS)
– Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
– Mini IDPs
– Tactical IDPs
– Strategic HRHA
– Rotating Poultry IDPs
– Unmanned Over-Water and Underwater Vehicles (JSA)
– Exploration and Surveillance
– Battles İSA’lar
– Explosives Disposal IKA’s
• Command, Control and Communication Systems
• Shooting Control and Target Detection Systems
• Combat Management Systems
• Communication Systems
• Submarine Defense Systems
• Water Defense Systems
• Air Defense Systems
• Power Packs
• Ship Electrical Systems
• Ship Collective and Ammunition
• Missiles and guided missiles
• Torpedoes and Torpedo Defense
• Point Defense Systems and Close Defense Systems
• Air Defense Systems
• Ship Sub-Systems
• De-Gaussing Systems
• Radars
• Sonarlar
• Remote Command Vehicles
• Diving Equipment and Rescue Support Materials
• Training and Simulation Systems
• Educational Sailing Boat
• Computers and Software
• Ship Design and Shipyards
• Ship Classification Services
• Composite Material
• Fake Goals and Deco
• Logistics Support Units
• Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems
• Ship Building Materials and Equipment
• Land Vehicles
– Miscellaneous Transportation Facilities: Truck, Truck, Towing
– Passenger Vehicles
– Vehicle Equipment Parts and Accessories
– Fuel: Gasoline, Engine, Lubricants and Lubricants
– Command Control Tools
• Electrical – Electronics – Communication – IT / Software
– Command, Control and Communication Systems
Radar Systems
Military Space Systems
Transfer of information
Information Processing and Evaluation Systems
Information Security, Storage and Recovery Systems
Cloud computing
Electronic Warfare, Intelligence and Communication Systems
– Networked Operation
– Sonar Systems
– Avionics
– Tactical Communication Centers
– Electro Acoustic Surveillance and Access Control Systems
– Port, Submarine, Air and Road Surveillance Systems
– Target Detection and Identification Systems
– Integrated Border Surveillance and Control Systems
– Electro-optical System and Products
– Fiber-optic Materials, Electrical Wiring and Power Distribution Equipment
– Power Supplies and Generators
– Satellite, GPS and GSM Systems
– Meeting and Training Halls Electronic Systems
– Photography Equipment
– Hybrid technologies and Fuel poles
– Automatic Test Equipment
– Software
Exercise and Logistics Software
Special Education Software
Internet and Network security, Anti-virus software
• Military Medical Devices, Equipment and Systems
– Field Hospitals and Equipment
– Mobile Hospitals
– Hospital Equipment and Consumables
– Mechanical and Electro Medical Diagnostic Tools and Equipment
– Operating Room Equipments
– Surgical Instruments and Equipment
– Emergency Aid and Intensive Care Equipment
– Orthopedic Devices and Prostheses
– Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Tools and Equipment
– One Usable Material
– Supply Supplies
– Hospital Management Tools, Equipment and Services
– Medicine
• Gendarmerie and Civil Security Systems
– Special Weapons and Equipment
– X-ray Devices
– Hand and Door Detectors
– Explosive and Weapon Research Equipment
– Personnel Protective Equipment (Shield, Cop, Helmet, etc …)
– Fire Safety Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles
– Disaster Equipment
– Alarm and Signaling Systems
– Intervention Equipment for Social Events
– Anti Terror Materials
• Building / Construction / Decoration
– Steel and Prefabricated Buildings
– Construction Contracting Companies
– Construction Materials and Systems (Concrete, Gas Concrete, Wet Floor, Insulation, Paint, Roof, Partition Walls etc.)
– Subcontractors
– Heating – Cooling – Ventilation Systems
– Electrical – Electronic Construction Systems
– Building Internal and External Sound Systems
– Plumbing Systems
– Door – Window Systems
Wood and Steel Furnitures, Offices, Guest Houses, Army Houses, Lodgings, Military Bed, Gazinolar, Reception Halls
– Industrial Kitchens, Dining Houses, Bakery Ovens and Equipments
Komple Kitchen Equipments, Projecting,
Contracting and Maintenance, Food Preparation,
Cookers, Refrigerators, Cold Rooms and Depots,
Freezer Appliances, Kitchenware, Food
Storage Equipment, Cleaning Equipment,
– Laundry and Laundry Equipment
Laundry Washing and Drying Machines,
Dry Cleaning Machines, Üler
– Sports Facilities and Equipment
Sports Fields Construction Companies,
Equipment, Conditioning Equipment,
Pool Equipment and Chemicals
– Treatment and Recovery Systems
Water Treatment, Waste Cleaning, Filtration,
Refuse Storage and Disposal, Environmental Companies
Consultancy services
• Machines
– Machinery, Equipment and Equipment for Manufacturing
Sensitive Textile
CNC Machine Tools
Custom Design Software
Special Alloys
Super Plastic Formation
Heat Treatment
Plastic Injection
Printed Circuit Equipment
Manufacturing Automation
Composite Materials and Autoclaves
Air Tool Jig
Metal Processing Machines
Cutters and Drillers, Machining Machines,
Metal Finishing (Galvanizing, Tinning),
Finishing, Welding
Special Industrial Machinery
Plastic and Rubber Processing,
– Construction, Work and Mining Machinery
– Textile Garment Machines
– Cleaning Tools and Machines
– Repair and Service Machines
Motor Vehicles Repair and Maintenance Workshops,
Service Special Equipment,
Aircraft Repair Maintenance Special Equipment
• Measuring and Research Devices
– Criminology Laboratories
– Quality Control, Qualification and Calibration Laboratories
– Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Equipments and Materials
– Liquid and Gas Flow, Liquid Level, Mechanical
Movements, Pressure, Heat and Humidity
Measuring Instruments, Optical Instruments, Test
Equipments and Elements
– Drug Analysis Laboratories Tools and Equipment
– Automotive Electronic Measuring Instruments
• Fixed Wing Platforms
– Battle Planes
– Transport Aircrafts
– Training Aircrafts
– Tanker Planes
– Early Warning Planes
– VIP Airplanes
– Discovery and Surveillance Aircrafts
– Intelligence and EH Flight
• Rotating Winged Platforms
– Training Platforms
– AK / MAK Platforms
– General Purpose Platforms
– Discovery, Surveillance and Intelligence Platforms
• Air Defense Systems
– Air Defense Radars
– Air Defense Firings
– Air Defense Balls
– Medium and High Altitude Air Defense
– Ballistic Missile Defense
– Early Warning Radars
– Target Detection, Diagnosis and Monitoring Systems
– Enemy Air Defense Systems (SEAD)
• Guided Fuller
– Air Weather Facts
– Air Space Missile and Ammunition
– Stand-Off Systems
– Precision Guided Ammunition
– Bombs and Rockets
• Electronic Warfare Technologies
– Electronic Warfare Systems
– Electronic Support Measures
– Counter Measure
– Mixing Systems
– Chaff / Flare Dispensing Systems
– Radar [RF] Warning Systems
– Missile Warning Systems
– Stand-off and escort systems
– Stealth Technologies
– Sensors
• Launch Technologies
• Scientific
– Communication channels
– Remote Sensing Mirrors
• Space Services and Research Institutions
• Space Agencies
• Ground Control Technologies
• Image Optimization
• Information Processing and Evaluation
• Command, Control and Communication Systems
• Friendly / Enemy Recognition Systems
• Electronic Warfare Pods
• Intelligence, Discovery and Surveillance Pods
• Target Detection and Navigation Pods
• Unmanned Systems
– Unmanned Air Systems (IHS)
– Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
– Tactical IDPs
– Strategic HRHA
– Armed IDPs
• Drones and Target Aircraft
• Air Traffic Control
• Airport Equipment and Ground Support Systems
• Aircraft Sub-Systems
• Aircraft Engines
• Aircraft Mission Equipment
• Avionics Equipment
• Navigational Systems and GPS
• Helmet Systems and Night Vision Glasses
• Training and Simulation Systems
• Computers and Software
• Pilot Accessories
• Parachute Systems
• De-Briefing Systems
• Tactical Vehicles
• Fuel Tankers
• External Power Supplies
• Bomb Carriers
• Beka Increase Kit and Equipment
• Clothing and Other Textile Products
– Specially Used
Water, Heat, Cold-proof Military Clothes
Technical Wear Required for Hospital Use
Non-Woven Fabrics and Products
Environmental Protection Textiles
Work safety Dresses
– Staff Clothes
Attack, Business, Education, Sports Dresses
Leather Clothes
– Home textiles
– Other Textile Products
– Flags and Flags
– Tents
• Consumption Goods
– Food Ingredients / Ready Meals
– Sahada Accommodation and Kitchen Equipment
– Cleaning Materials and Chemicals
• Material Handling Equipment, Workshop Benches
Tools and Equipment
– Workbenches, Tools and Equipments
– Socket, Hive, Pipe and Wheel Switches
– Iron Cutting Shears
– Staples and Hammers
• Hardware Hardware
– Pipe, Fitting, Hose
– Valves
– Rope, Cord, Chains
• Office Needs
– Office Stationery, Paper
– Books, Maps and Other Publications
– Fax, Photocopier
– Computers, Printers
– Masa Ustu Publishing Tools and Equipments
– Paper Destruction Machines
• Services
– Catering Services
– Tourism Services
– Consultancy services
– Banking, Insurance Services
– Transport Services

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