Aironn’s “Meeting Experts in the Sector” Seminar

Aironn Fan Engineering organized a seminar at the Sheraton Grand İstanbul Ataşehir Hotel on February 15, 2017, entitled “Industry Experts Meet: Ventilation and Smoke Control in Parks and Passages – Jetfan Applications”.

Aironn’s “Meet the Experts in the Sector” Seminar was Interesting.

Mechanical designers and representatives of the implementing organizations, members of civil-mechanical group’s organizational structure, mechanical plant operators, technical directors and mechanical installation sector of Turkey has great interest in the seminar attended by partners. In the seminar where more than 350 participants are registered; Professor Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç (ITU), Sarven Çilingiroğlu (Çilingiroğlu Engineering), Ph.D. Mustafa Bilge (Mecon Yapı) and Efe Ünal (Aironn) shared valuable information with their presentations.

The event program, which started with registration and welcome cocktail, started with the opening speech of Uğur Akgül from Aironn. Akgul, “First of all, thank you for your participation. In order to be able to evaluate each minute in such a magnificent way in the best possible way, I leave my opening speech to another time, and I leave my promise to my distinguished experts. ”

The seminar was attended by the chairmen of the sessions. Dr. Started with the presentation of Abdurrahman Kılıç’s “Jetfan System and Automation in Indoor Parking Areas”. Kılıç’s presentation included the following topics: Reasons for vehicle fires, Exhaust gases, Carbon monoxide effects, Maximum permissible CO concentrations, Amount of air changes in CO ventilation according to the countries and unit surface fan capacities, Parking smoke removal, Ventilation and smoke evacuation in underground car parks, Parking lot smoke control zones and fan capacities by country, Comparison of jet and ducted systems, Axial and centrifugal fan structures, Jetfan automation, Fire detection in closed parking lots.

In the presentation titled “Car park Jetfan System and Design Principles”, Sarven Çilingiroğlu included the following topics: Aeration and air exchange coefficients in standards, Fan capacity calculation in multi-storey car parks, Coincidence factor and coefficient, Jetfan placement, Consideration of escape routes, The effects of the beams and columns, Influence of the sprinkler system, CFD analysis.

Dr. Mustafa Bilge gave the following titles in his presentation titled “Testing and Acceptance Studies of Smoke Evacuation Systems in Metro Tunnels”: Tunnel ventilation system and importance, Design criteria in tunnels and stations, Fire scenarios with real examples, Tunnel air velocity measurements, Cross-Passage speed measurements, internal fire simulations (smoke tests). In his presentation, Bilge also included actual images from Marmaray Test Adjustment Balancing studies.

The last presentation of the seminar program was realized by Airon R & D Director Efe Ünal. In his presentation entitled “Ventilation Principles in Highways Tunnels”, Ünal gave information under the following headings: Standards according to countries for natural ventilation, Tunnel mechanical ventilation types, Purpose of tunnel ventilation, Pressure losses in tunnel ventilation, Examples of fire cases in tunnels, Emergency ventilation, Effect, Fan thrust force account.

Professor Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç moderator and transformed into a forum after the dynamic question-answer section, the program ended with an evening of good times together.

All presentation videos of the simultaneous seminar on social media can be viewed on IRONN YouTube :

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