The Heart of Natural Gas in Istanbul, INGAS 2017

INGAS carrying only Congress and Exhibition of its kind in Turkey in the natural gas sector in 2017 (7th International Gas Congress and Exhibition), International Gas Union (IGU) and the European Gas Research Group (GERG) at İGDAŞ hosted by the member 2 to 3 November 2017 will be held at Istanbul Haliç Congress Center.

INGAS 2017, which will be organized with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of European Union, Energy Market Regulatory Authority and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality , In the 10,000 square meter exhibition area, with over 250 domestic and foreign companies and 5000 visitors.

LNG-CNG, intelligent networks and cyber security, natural gas and human resources, natural gas and human resources, natural gas and natural gas, risk and opportunity management in natural gas sector, legal regulations in natural gas market, climate and environment, natural gas and human, sustainable internal installation management, access to finance and financial resources in the natural gas sector, natural gas operation and new approaches, new technologies, innovation and R & D.

Regarding Turkey’s Natural Gas Hub To Be Invested Important Strategies to Table

Due to its proximity to the natural gas and oil reserves in the world that has a strategic role Turkey; As an important stakeholder in TANAP and Turkish Current Projects, he took a big step towards meeting the demand for energy in the region and ensuring sustainability. INGAS 2017, Turkey’s medium and long-term projections for the evaluation of new natural gas trade to come to a central location, all the dynamics of the sector will offer an opportunity to bring together the international platform.

For two days at the congress, which will take place simultaneously with the fair, bilateral negotiations, panels and sessions will be held under the supervision of experts. It aims to be the hub of natural gas in Turkey and in this context the important strategy can be tabled INGAS 2017 will also be the participation of several foreign minister’s opening speech.

Ethiopia, Ghana, Georgia, South Sudan, Netherlands, India, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Cape Town, Djibouti, China, Morocco, France, Germany, Azerbaijan, State delegations from the United Kingdom, Iran, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Kenya, Kuwait, Macedonia, Nigeria, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ukraine, INGAS 2017, which will be featured in international press; will host important commercial agreements and bilateral talks in Istanbul for two days.

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