INGAS, 7th International Natural Gas Congress & Fair

The Heart of Natural Gas Sector

The sector carries the distinction of being the largest convention and exhibition in Turkey, “7.International Natural Gas Congress and Fair “(INGAS 2017) will be held between 2-3 November 2017 at Haliç Congress Center. Turkey will be held in the natural gas sector schools as ownership of the house which accepted İGDAŞ INGAS 2017 domestic and abroad over a thousand 5 from 20 different countries is expected the participation of experts and industry representatives.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Market Regulatory Board, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and INGAS which will be held with the support of many institutions and organizations in 2017, the development of the natural gas market, in a sustainable way in the use of natural gas and central Turkey and for the return to a natural gas trading center in the long term will offer the opportunity to bring together all the dynamics of the industry on an international platform, in terms of evaluation of new projections.

Turkey’s Role in Strategic Natural Gas Great

IGDAS General Manager Mehmet Cevik regarding INGAS 2017; “Turkey, which has 70 percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Basin and plays an important role from a strategic point because of its proximity to the Middle East. In meeting the growing needs, the use and consumption of energy resources is increasing day by day. Therefore, pursuing the use, management and developed technologies of natural gas, which is one of the most used energy sources, is gaining importance for our country. ”

Mehmet Çevik continued his words as follows: “7. International Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition; will provide an international platform where all stakeholders will come together, the common problems of the industry will be discussed, the latest innovations in the field of natural gas distribution will be put to the test, sample applications will be evaluated, investment strategies and opportunities will be discussed. ”

INGAS 2017 Profitable Business Opportunities

INGAS 2017 participant; will contribute to improving their trade by giving them the opportunity to present their products to industry-leading decision-makers and gas distribution companies.Participants will gain new and profitable business opportunities that will speed up imports and exports, and will follow the latest and latest technologies. In addition to these, it will be possible to get feedback about the sector in a very short time by making individual interviews and reach the final consumer in the most efficient way.

INGAS 2017 to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Participation is expected in 20 different countries, including Italy and India.

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