Heating Installation Pump Practice Notes

Heating pumps are often double. One waits for the other backup. Thus the continuity of the system. Central heating installations we recommend using wet-rotor pump. Glandless pumps, valves and non-return valve use twin type occupies the place of the economy.

1- Feed water melted in the presence of air in the hot water systems significantly affects the efficiency of the pump. Hot-water heating installations, on the other hand, efficient and problem-free çalışabilmesinin is the lack of air in the system, a prerequisite.
2- Glycol mixed. Glycol ratio should not be less than 20%. at concentrations less than 20%, there is a danger of formation of acid corrosion.
3- Pump should not be run for a long time against a closed valve. Otherwise the heat of friction with the water pump can overheat and intentional because since. Therefore very large pumps to provide a minimum flow required to by-pass circuit constructed is useful all the time.
4-Very large systems, especially large-capacity when running the pump circulation pump outlet valve must be closed. After working the pump valve should be opened slowly. The same should be done while stopping process vice versa pump, pump outlet valve must be closed after it has been stopped. Otherwise it creates a shock wave that prints directly to the system pump and this affects many in the system element. For this purpose, the pump outlet valves close and hand pump operating button should be near the pump. If run remotely from a central location to be and even the motor pump outlet valves from the inside out with electricity must be linked and should be run together.
5-Circulation circuits, the use of lime and mud is no help against the strainer. The return line should be placed over 100 Micron stainless steel cartridge filter precision filters use a more realistic solution.
6- The installation after installation work, circulation pumps, multiport valves, flow rate and pressure control valves and fittings as well as precision equipment before all the installation must be washed and thoroughly cleaned with pressurized water. During the period of the first commissioning of the system near the entrance of each pump is temporarily a coarse filter (strainer) is an application useful to be placed. A few months after a closed circuit in the filter can be removed. But the filter after future expansion should be stored to be used again. During the filter should be cleaned frequently. Constantly strainers are open systems such as cooling towers, however, before the pump is used.
7-Water circulation pump Use the high cost of lost heat at runtime. Water circulation pump use the solution ekomatik is controlled from the Panel’s time clock. For example housing these pumps should between 11 and 6 am at night. Detached houses and workplaces, even during the daylight hours not used, use the circulation pumps should not be run.

Heating Systems
8-The circulation pumps mechanical or fuse packing optional. But the mechanical seals are long lasting and maintenance free elements. Expensive as they are professional and continuous care element should be used in places that do not exist. It is important to note however that when the pump mechanical seal must invoke the service and service for the most part is done by the pump factory. This means that the pump does not operate for a certain period of time.
9-Centrifugal pump of emişinde, next from the elbow straight distance, must be at least 10 times the diameter of the pipe or the custom binding element must be used. Otherwise, the output falls.
10-The great power from 3 HP continuously running pumps 1450 rpm as possible should be selected. 2800 d/d pump cooling fan is very noisy.
11-Circulation pump must to place their giving up the old favored trend. This system can function freely without air. In addition, the upper floors are one of the causes of the problem, not punk will be eliminated.
12-heating circulation pump of heating outlet check valve in the settings there is no habit. Non-return valve when mounted;
a- Backup pump to prevent short circuit of the valves will be turned off. Operator is not working (valves closed) when run on pump seal failure on a spare pump may be accidentally or motor may burn.
b-If there are the same length attached to the system is not working, building heating pump during periods (in the summer) boiler for heating pump, near heating hot water circulation of colon and radiator (energy loss) may result. Heater installation if you have more than one circulation pump in the pump outlet (radiator heating, boiler for heating, domestic hot water circulation pumps) must check valve should be installed. Heating steam type check valve should not be used. The ideal check valve disc type check valve. In addition, redundant heating pumps that do not work to use the disk-type non-return valve of the pump (pump) eliminates the necessity of closing the valve. Valve is closed as a result of accidentally running engines side of the pump. Pump output of disc type check valve when mounted, the valve will not be needed to close the auxiliary pump. Non-return valve, while water will migrate down the water system; It should be noted that after emptying valve non-return valve must be inserted.
13-Electric motors (pumps, etc.) when selecting the thermal thermal protector to the middle point of the current drawn by the device must be in the ranks. The ideal central point thermal protectors. Start and end values may not be very accurate. Note that similar pressure switches (pressure switch).
14-Heating boilers in circulation pumps are usually redundant. Also among the round-trip collectors of the pump by-pass pipe and valves. Coal fired boilers power pump will stop, kazan will continue to heat up the water. In this case the by-pass valve can be heated with natural circulation by building partially opened. Prevents pot temperature increase. By-pass valve should be used only on systems that are fired. Liquid and gas fuel boilers by-pass pipe and valves use is unnecessary.
15-When used in Antifreeze circulation pump pressure should be chosen higher.
16-Assembling of circulation pumps, pump shaft in the scales and parallel to the ground (horizontal). In addition, terminal box must not be the bottom, wettable.
17-Circulation pump when the bypass valve of the manifold Assembly is required for only coal fired. New buildings, fuel oil or natural gas should not be used in installations which are heated.
6-Do not work for a long time, centrifugal pump gaskets to dry of shafts is stuck, and often even with the key. Fill the pump with water, one day broadcast. Pump shaft manually the returns after the first move or key switch, pump operation.
19-Pipes to prevent vibration pumps installation flexible connection can connect with.
20-Boosters, the number of German according to the pump in accordance with switchgear can be 20 times an hour. The problem does not occur in electrical installations for contactors developed.

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