Heating Installation of Application Practice Notes

Heating boiler room layout, installation of valves and fittings, piping, operation, measuring and testing are practical about such things as notes.
1-twin tube systems are a perforated metal plates inside the balance used container. This individual;
a-in the form of particles in the water are collected and on the balance sheet of mud and filth to the bottom of the container. Balance will be found at the foot of the container a mud is taken out of these scumbags from taking valves.
b-circuit provides a better mixture of juices. He sees his mission here mix balance container container.
c-perforated sheet reveals the air in the water under the influence of multiplication (taken out with this air, air tube).
2-two or more connecting the same manifold win, it should be noted that create equal resistors.
3-Condensing boilers drainage waste water pipe direct uplink. Methane gas can cause an explosion that could drain. To do this;
a-40 cm. height of the siphon.
b-no top end must be free, gasket and Siphon drainage water should flow a funnel and sifona.

4-heating boiler filling tap instead of heating system (heating system) is more appropriate to use the filling spout. Theoretically, the water filling in the heating of the boiler water must be cold. In practice, when working boilers filling hydrant installation cold water by pressing the missing water. In this case, thermal shock and condensation boilers and boiler damage.

5-heating water circulation pump for heating on filling water filling intake collector when the spout.(Boiler filling tap should not be mounted onto) If the pump em chores strainers or line 11/4 ” dirt separator must be escaped. Filling line 1/2 ” or 3/4 ”.

6-Central hot water system, water refilling should be done from here. For filling hose should be used.

7-heating system (heating) filling valve, we recommend to mount the water in front of the counter.Thus, the
a-how much water volume Installation.
b-the selected closed expansion tank useful volume control.
c-it is just one water (water leakage) in the event that the plumbing was how much water is filled in.
8-tube type heat exchanger the heat exchanger to water velocities in the lower plate type heat exchanger is more according to calcify.

9-Very generator systems expansion tank can be made of precursors and overflow pipes are common. Main overflow pipe must be connected from the top of the overflow pipe in each store.

Isıtma Tesisatı
10-single tank system boiler should not be mounted on the inlet and outlet of the valve. Very tanks systems should be mounted on a one-way valve manifold . When installed on the valve, valve seal win that can leak from the water will break the isolation of the boiler.

11-Resistors in the same system with different heating-systems, different pressure circulation pumps using discrete zon virulent. Panel radiator cast radiators with the same system is used, the resistance is less than cast radiator water. After all panel radiator efficiency will be reduced.Similarly, the fan coil is mounted on the same system or radiator, pump was selected separately is more suited to be done two separate zones.

12-heating in vertical columns mounted ducts are the difference from one valve valve CK Kong;When you turn off the valve above water is empty. Unloading Assembly valve on top. In addition, air ducts over a pipe valve instead of 1/2 ” should be mounted to the valve, must be discharging mouth CK Kong. Unloading mouth valve should be closed, the air went valve does not open or CK Kong shutter valve is used, the system will not pick up water from the colon to parent on air fully available.

1-safety valve outlet on the same diameter pipe with a 10 cm. from the ground up (near station).
a-safety valve when the water you’re disturbing the surrounding insulation.
b-safety valves of the kidnappers plug should not be worn.

2-loosen the top plug for the Automatic pürj örlerin. (may not be able to do the task of throwing hard in the air.)
15-Compensator Assembly given the current air temperature in the front stretch.
16-hot water installation should be installed to all unloading in double valve.
17-a valve before the hydrometer and manometer (pressure gauge faucet) should be mounted.
18-heating and plumbing fittings limited, especially at the price of using cheap quality cost. Recently, the Eastern bloc, and the far East has been importing goods of poor quality fittings and fittings problems in buildings then leaks due to severe damage. Pipe and pipe installations of your best in business will be more economical to use.
19-All must be minimum water level controlled central heating installations.
20-heating is desired, the ideal comfort for special attention must be given to the following topics;
a-the building heat loss, glass bottom placed in thermostatic controlled radiator (static heating supplies) must be met. Warm up the, uh, waterin the rising hot air meets cold effect from the glass, with a suitable room temperature distribution is achieved, provided ideal conditions about.
b-for cooling and ventilation is the ceiling diffusers (anemostats and lattices) should be done by giving the environment with cooled air. Difüzörlerden couldn’t even air temperature maximum (in winter) 18 ° c, lowest (type) should be 14 ° c. You couldn’t even from the ceiling in the winter air temperature 18 ° c ceiling-level lighting and other sources of heat gain due to heat gain, by people who live in warm up to room temperature, and will provide comfort to keep people alive and live conditions.
c-fed fresh air Ventilation purposes in the amount of energy saving concerns excessive throttle, indoor air quality problem. For this reason, in the amount of fresh air cheap davranmamalıdır.

21-Central heating boilers safety valve should be installed close to win no more than 2 m. At the bottom of the wall channel, output mouth Ventilin end discharge or leak can be seen the connection should be made.

22-If a horizontal beam or similar obstacle on the way of the pipe exists, can pass through the pipes from the bottom of the scale in the project and should be left in place for hives. Otherwise the pipes down, if the air tube made out of here will rise again the air must be evacuated. From the creation of the possibility at any time through a ventilation blocks must not be a reverse of the curve above.
23-horizontal main from gathering in diameter change to air an eccentric redüksiyonla.
24-in order to protect the system elements of drinker and strainers. Will be placed in front of the strainer elements as pump, automatic control valves, counters can be added to the list.
25-disassembling the Pipe system that may be necessary must connect with cable gland or elements to the installation flange.
26-Heater should be made in appropriate places in the fixed point of the colon.
27-the rooftop air tube while collecting your colon from colon to recognize flexibility to grow 5 m distance should be left.
28-win outgoing pipes, Expansion tank outlet pipe is taken from the top of the jeans, I need air tube will not be heard.
29-distribution of the colon in the basement, column is the horizontal offset to be 5 m projelendirilmelidir.
30-where the Branch pipes with strain 2-should be around 2.5 m.
31-Radiator outlets forming an S-link connections should be made. Otherwise the point of rupture valve or additional rice.

32-Heater in wall crossing flexible sleeves of the colon should be created. This cannot be achieved, outlets must pass the horizontal distance 2 m before the wall.

33-Kolonlarda trim switch should be used in the hive. Screen heater should end about 1-2 cm of the colon, PuTTY must be filled in.
34-the Boiler cold water inlet pipe, onto the valve with safety valve should be placed somewhere between.
35-Boiler circuits of the safety valve not to juice out of the expansion tank should be used. Those stores produced for use in clean water and hygiene requirements are asked to be the type that.
36-in steel alloys, Stainless steel boiler for hot water is found in the element of being involved in water dissociates and nickel nitrate nickel allergy.
37-Kollektörlerde thermometers are mounted on a continuous flow of water areas. Manometers manifold pump manifold is in the mouth of distant places (especially the manifold away from the mouth of the pump’s output), along with the pressure gauge should be mounted flush it necessarily.

38-safety valve should be communicated to the operating pressure, the order-emitting valves according to this pressure in the factory must be submitted as special. Turkey does not have such a habit in safety valves on construction sites being set and caused unwanted accidents. Safety valves should be reduced to open channels with the discharge pipe.

39-in pressure reduction installation,
a-please assemble the horizontal pipe axis Balancing container must
b-commissioning is part diaphragm before fill water
c-Business while balancing the wax does not necessarily forecast.

40-Cold regions in winter heating supplies water from the water boiler installation after you empty the test (if not especially glasses) is not enough.
a-the remaining water in the bottom of the panel radiators, radiators removed and completely drained.
b-Glandless pumps are also removed and drained the water. Glandless pump at the beginning of each heating season the first studies and in first run by opening the front covers is provided by hand first to move the rotor.
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