How to Choose a Boiler? Boiler Selection

Boiler selection is an important issue in order to get high performance efficiency from the boiler in cold winter months. For the selection of the boiler , there are criteria such as the insulation status of the house where the boiler will be used, the facade it faces, the square meter of your living space, the number of bathrooms in the house and the floor where the house is located.

In addition, we recommend that you choose a boiler brand that will meet your heating and hot water needs in the most efficient way and provide service.

Condensing Boiler

Boiler Selection

When buying a boiler, first of all, the boiler selection account is activated. Under normal conditions, heat loss calculation should be made. Otherwise, you can calculate the practical boiler capacity with the following method.

1- The room area where the heating element (radiator) will be installed and the room height are calculated.
2- Per room volume (m³); 1st zone: 30 kcal/hour, 2nd zone: 45 kcal/hour, 3rd zone: 60 kcal/hour, one of the above values ​​is selected according to the zone situation of the flat where heat loss will be made. You can check the degree day regions according to the provinces on  Page 34 of the TS 825 standard or your counrty heating standart.
3- An additional 15 kcal/hour hike is added for the basement, terrace and attic.

Example :
What is the heat loss of a house with 120 m² and a floor height of 2.8 m on the 2nd floor of a 4-storey building in Istanbul (2nd district)?
– Area: 120 m² Room Volume: 120 × 2.80 = 336 m³
– 2nd zone heat loss value: 45 kcal/h
– Heat loss: 336 x 45= 15.120 kcal/h = 15.120 / 860 = 17.6 kW

Choosing a boiler according to square meters will increase the efficiency you will get from the heating system you use. In order to determine the most suitable condensing boiler capacity for you, you can use the following boiler selection table:

– Up to 160 m2 (24kW) 20,000 kcal/hour
– Up to 200 m2 (30kW) 26,000 kcal/hour
– 200 m2 and above (35kW) 30,000 kcal/hour

For 80 m2, 100 m2, 120 m2  and  150 m2 house, you can choose 24kW condensing boiler models. When choosing the capacity for houses larger than 160 m2, you can consider the values ​​in the table. While choosing a boiler for your living spaces, many different features are active, but  it varies considerably according to the m2 element.

Radiator Selection

Another thing to consider when choosing a boiler is the size and number of radiators. The longer the radiators in your home, the higher the efficiency you will get from the heating system you use.

The information you need to keep in mind when choosing a boiler according to the radiator length is as follows: The boiler capacity is 20,000 kcal/hour for houses with a radiator length between 5 meters and 9 meters, 26,000 kcal/hour for places between 9 meters and 13 meters, for houses 13 meters and above 30,000 kcal/hour boiler is ideal.

Boiler Selection

For more detailed radiator calculations, you can view our video ” Practical Radiator Calculation and Radiator Selection “.

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What Should Be Considered When Buying a Boiler?

  • The first thing to consider when choosing a boiler is that it belongs to a trusted brand in its field.
  • In order not to encounter any bad surprises on your bills, you should take care to choose a boiler that burns less.
  • When buying a boiler, definitely choose the brands that have authorized service centers in your region.
  • Criteria such as the boiler’s warranty period, compliance with TSE, CE, ISO 9002 standards, and installation by experts are also extremely important and should be considered.
  • The fact that the boiler has a user-friendly design ensures that you will not experience difficulties while using it.
  • Boiler assembly is an important issue. Consideration should be given to the boiler dimensions according to the area size. If your space is small, compact sized combi boilers will be suitable for you.
  • Issues such as the fee you will pay to the authorized service in case of possible malfunctions of the boiler, and the spare part prices of the boiler are also important issues in the long run.
  • When purchasing a boiler, you should also pay attention to the internal material properties. Do not choose boilers with plastic parts inside.
  • While choosing a boiler, having some additional functions of the boiler also offers various advantages during use.
  • When choosing a boiler, you will encounter different types such as condensing boiler, hermetic and chimney. Be sure to research their features thoroughly and choose the most suitable type of boiler for your home. If you are considering buying a chimney boiler, you must have a chimney outlet in your building.
  • When choosing a boiler, do not forget to check whether it is condensing or full condensing.
  • Price advantage is an extremely important issue in choosing a boiler. Do not forget to pay attention to the fact that the product you buy covers the price and does not tire your pocket!

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Victoria Addington  -  5 June 2023 at 19:40

It made sense when you mentioned that compact-sized combi boilers are suitable for small spaces. My friend wants to install a boiler. I should advise her to hire an expert in boiler installation to ensure quality work.

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