Elevator Calculation

Elevator calculation, traffic analysis and calculation, especially in densely populated buildings architect architecture that enables done better in high-rise buildings, a major issue in the vertical transportation of people.

The purpose of the traffic, the maximum number of people, with minimum time and building volume for the establishment of at least using the lift installation.Passengers wait in the elevator and how to be in a crowded booth, and what they want to stay in the cabin for a long time. It is possible to find an optimal solution to meet this demand by making traffic analysis. several passenger elevators are required to provide appropriate services in large buildings.This situation creates problems more complex design of the lift facilities meet the requests of a single lift.

Changes in speed, capacity, number of cabins and settlements, are the main factors affecting the cost and quality of service. One of the options traffic analysis, as well as being economical, it will be an option to best meet the needs of the building.

Elevator in the design of facilities, the service is determining the intended use of the building. Types according to intended use of the building:

1 office building with various tenants
2. Single-purpose office buildings, the state-owned office buildings
3. that professional purpose buildings, medical centers, research centers, special-purpose buildings used for sorting mail.
4. Hotels
5. Apartment
6. Hospitals


The position of the elevator car at the entrance to the building users should be nearest possible place for very quick distribution. lift output at various levels also should be the closest place possible population distribution of times. Parking entries, should be given special attention to the traffic flow at the entrance of the cafeteria and auditorium. If the user has a single elevator building in the main street entrance should be arranged in a suitable location with a suitable placement in a single order entry.

The building is two entrances, two elevators are required. cabin number on each input, it is determined by the number of users that can use the entry. Elevator entrance is usually next to the stairs, which tend to use the stairs, use instant traffic and the dangers of using the elevator from floor to floor stairs should also be taken into account.

Daily traffic components in the building shall be determined in accordance with caution in order to meet traffic peaks. Normally it encountered three traffic demand. These include breakfast, lunch and dinner are demand. Traffic analysis is usually performed considering the high demand in the morning. in buildings with varying number of users, number of users as a user rate of 10-13% of the demand is determined in the morning. This ratio can be taken as 17-25% in fixed-user building. So the only user during 5 minutes in the morning peak traffic 17-25’n% of the population in various buildings building is expected to be realized in the most intensive use.

ensuring the desired quality of service of the elevator, the building’s type, the cost depends on the importance of and the user to do. The quality of service is measured to where they want users to quickly ulaştırılmasındaki. Buda, the total time defined in the elevator user time and mean waiting in the elevator reaching the floor. The shorter this time, it will be better in the services provided. When a person’s maximum spend is the amount of time spent waiting for a lift. This time “standby Range” and from the cabin, the time interval to reach. This time, the commute time of each car and depends on the number of cabinets. Commute time, after leaving the elevator on the ground floor, the top floor is the average number of users for added re-entry time coming after delivering an average stop.

An elevator service, also UNDERTAKEN with less waiting time and short-range transport. Users prefer the first of these two cases, users are impatient in waiting times. For these reasons, from 20 to 60 seconds dwell time, is selected depending on the intended use of the building.

A specific standard for service is not yet defined. Different building elevator service quality, average induction-arrival time and the total average time used to lift the average waiting time for the user is determined as compared to each building. [one]

Let’s look at an example of the detailed description of the account in the calculation formulas and tables. This publication elevator traffic calculation, strength calculation, calculation of force and engine power will be able to learn how accounts.

Elevator Calculation – 1.Edition


Table for Elevator Calculation


Elevator Calculation – 2.Edition


After this summary information about the lift you can lift account, you can download from the link in addition to a variety excel calculations presented as a resource on the Internet.

Elevator Calculation Programs
ExplanationDownload Link
Elevator Preliminary Project Calculation – 1 Excelelevator-hunt-project-calculation-1.xls
Elevator Preliminary Project Calculation – 2 Excelelevator-hunt-project-calculation-2.xlsx
Elevator Preliminary Project Calculation – 3 Excelelevator-hunt-project-calculation-3.xls
Elevator Power Unit Calculator Excelelevator-hydraulic-unit-hesabi.xls
Elevator strength Calculation – 1 Excelelevator-strength-calculation-1.xls
Elevator strength Calculation- 2 Excelelevator-strength-calculation-2.xlsx
Elevator Traffic Calculation – 1 Excelelevator-traffic-calculation-1.xls
Elevator Traffic Calculation – 2 Excelelevator-traffic-calculation-2.xls
Elevator Traffic Calculation – 3 Excelelevator-traffic-calculation-3.xls
Elevator Traffic and Force Calculation – 1 Excelelevator-traffic-and-force-calculation-1.xlsx
Elevator Traffic and Force Calculation – 2 Excelelevator-traffic-and-force-calculation-2.xls
Elevator traffic, Excel, Power and Voltage Calculationelevator-traffic-strength-and-stress-hesabi.xls
Lifts Force and Motor Power Calculator Excelelevator-strength-and-motor-force of-hesaplari.xls
Hydraulic Lift Calculator Excelhydraulic-lift on-calculation.xls

You can download the AutoCAD format from the link in addition to the elevator project.

Elevator AutoCAD Projects
ExplanationDownload Link
Elevator Project AutoCADElevator Project.dwg
Elevator Preliminary Project – 1 AutoCADElevator Preliminary Project – 1.dwg
Elevator Preliminary Project – 2 AutoCADElevator Preliminary Project – 2.dwg
Elevator Preliminary Design – 3 AutoCADElevator Preliminary Project – 3.dwg
Elevator Preliminary Project – 4 AutoCADElevator Preliminary Project – 4.dwg
Hydraulic Lift Project-1 AutoCADHydraulic Lift Project-1.Dwg
Hydraulic Lift Project-2 AutoCADHydraulic Lift Project-2.Dwg
Behind Counter Weight Elevator Project AutoCADBehind Counter Weight Elevator Project.dwg
Counterweight side in the elevator project in AutoCADCounterweight Side Elevator Project.dwg
Car Lift Projects AutocadCar Lift Projects

1- Dr. Eng. Serpil Kurt, Elevator Traffic Design
2. Lift and Elevator Calculation, Broadcast Traffic Calculation, Anonymous

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