Practical Air Conditioning Calculation

Practical air conditioning Calculation how advice is, air conditioning capacity for the purpose of accurate calculation, heat loss and heat gain is achieved by making the account. This accounts for a lot of value and be able to do engineering calculations needed.Thermal insulation report in accordance with building components heat conductivity resistance, building y nude, wind status, equivalent to the wall of glass and frame ghosting factor, temperature, ventilation, heat gains and people a lot like you must compute. In short, a lot of things that should be considered when making air conditioning Account features and factors.
Heat gain accounts on our site has been equipped in a way that is wide heat gain account you can browse from the topic.
This article is taken from the average values over the criteria for sure must see practical air conditioning capacity, non-advisory account operations.
Air conditioning Account on your own you will provide exactly the right results as your example below, though simple in detail before air conditioning air conditioning practice with account constantly you see btu, btu/h unit.

BTU is a unit of the British unit system. 1 BTU so 1 pound temperature of 1 means that the energy required to increase the Fahrenheit. BTU unit as well as kW unit also used for air conditioners, as more high-capacity models kW.

Practical air conditioning Calculation – 1

Room area on hitting with approximately 1000 cooling needs dialed to 2.2.
Room area: 24 sq m
Account: 24/2.2 * 1000 = 10909 btu/h Buddha means 12000 btu/h.

Practical air conditioning Calculation – 2

Air conditioning contractors uses the discovery teams more practical air conditioning is the process account.
Room area area is multiplied by the coefficient, number of persons in 600 Btu/h per person is added.Lighting power over almost every 500 W 1 W for 3.412 btu/h are added.
The coefficients for the region is as follows:
Mediterranean: 445
Eastern Anatolia: 308
Ege: 423
Southeast Anatolia: 462
Central Anatolia: 346
Black Sea: 385
Marmara: 385

You’re sitting in the Black Sea, if you count the practical air conditioning account;
Room area: 24 sq m
24 x 385 = 9240 Btu/h
for 4 persons = 4 x 600 = 2400 Btu/h
If we do not take into account additional thinking on Aydınlatmanızın 500W.
9240 + 2400 = 11640 12000 Btu/h means that the Buddha Btu/h.
Use more than you need-capacity air-conditioning and electricity consumption increases and capacity grows as more troubling than the fan sound.
As a result, most accurate solution heat loss and heat gain by making account air conditioning capacity is calculate the practical air conditioning Calculation operations advice and system load, you can use to control their speed.

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