Compressor Fault Causes and Remedy

For compressor failure of accurate diagnosis cooling system maintenance to determine the root cause vital taşır.hat’s, recognize the symptoms and to evaluate the fault allows the diagnosis by quick and safe as technical personnel and so failure in proper repair works yapılabilir.soğut systems generally classified into three categories.

Externally visible faults

– Slippage or breakage of the compressor belt
– Compressor does not work (the rotation)
– Operation of the pump (to return)
– Operation of the fan (to return)

Internal Failures

Internal fault can be generally identified by the working pressure and temperature monitoring. Seeing many of the mechanical failures can be diagnosed by voice and touch, and without the need for any special equipment.

– Damaged compressor valves or pistons
– The expansion valve actuators failures

Electrical Faults

Refrigerant causing a malfunction in the cooling plants use the system in question is the three effects.
– There is insufficient level of refrigerant in the system. (Less loading)
– If you have excessive amounts of refrigerant in the system (overload)
– Refrigerant; oil contaminated with moisture in the air and other gases.

Compressor Fault Causes and Remedy

failure in the compressor causes and removal methods are as follows.

Compressor Failures

Rise of gas pressure discharged from the compressor

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Mixing air into the refrigerant– Interfering air is discharged.
– Condenser high temperature, the amount of not less– Congestion occurring in the water system is cleaned.
– Calcification of the condenser pipe, deterioration of water distributing system– Pipes are cleaned, repaired water distributing system.
– The collection of condensed refrigerant in the condenser– Learn more liquid collected in the condenser.
– Lack of compressor outlet valve fully open– Said valve is fully opened.

Being of Low Pressure Gas Compressor Absorbed

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Clogging of the filter to a refrigerant pipe and pipe– Filters and clogged pipes are cleaned.
– Reduction of the flow rate of fluid in the system– Solenoid valves are adjusted.
– Reduction of the quantity of refrigerant– Made refrigerant leakage.
– The lack of sufficiently clear of the expansion valve– Expansion valve opens enough.

That the printed low gas pressure in the compressor

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Is lower than the temperature of the coolant water quantityCondenser valve is set at the water inlet and outlet.
– Compressor and refrigerant fluid to enter the– Expansion valve are set.
– Reduction of the amount of refrigerant in the system– Made refrigerant leakage.
– Of the compressor discharge valve of the gas leak– Drain valve is repaired or replaced.

Promotion of Emile Gas Pressure Compressor

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Is more than the stored materials– The bulk material is set.
– Having a very clear expansion valve– Expansion valve is adjusted.
– Wear of the compressor inlet valve and piston rings– Introduction valves and piston rings will be repaired or replaced.
– Return from oil separator in the compressed gas compressor oils– Oil return to the compressor control system.

Dual Compressor Control System Study of Normal Pressure accessed by the Stop Halde

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– The low voltage– Voltage controlled.
– The setting of the high pressure compressor will start working– The system is reset.
– Be off the activation button– Button opens.
– Low pressure monitoring system is not corrupt– The system is repaired.
– Have broken the oil pressure control system– The system is repaired.
– Inadequate quantity of refrigerant– Leakage control is performed. The coolant is added.

Removing the abnormal sound of the compressor

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Compressor is not loose the bolts to the floor– Bolts are tightened.
– Loose flywheel belt– The belt is adjusted.
– To be out of whack direction of the crankshaft– Direction is set parallel to the horizontal plane.
– Liquid refrigerant entering the compressor– Expansion valve is controlled. The very light is turned off.
– Relaxation of the piston rod of the crankshaft link– Loose parts are compressed.
– Lack of compressor outlet valve fully open– Fully open the valve.

Promotion of Oil Temperature

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Avoid water cylinder water jacket– If congestion is resolved checked the water pipe.
– Calcification of the water jacket– Water jacket is cleared.
– Compressed, changing the temperature of the discharged gas– Compressed, the discharged gas, it is determined whether he returns to the compressor.
– Sump temperature rise of– Bringing oil from the crankcase oil separator pipes and valves are checked.
– Loosening of bearings– Bearings evaporation.

Water droplets and Mosquito be seen in the crankcase

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Liquid refrigerant entering the compressor– The expansion valve is set too light.

Being of Low Oil Pressure

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– The reversal of the electric motor– Reviewing the connection of electrical phases.
– That the oil pressure gauge needle bent– Hand rectified.
– That clogged the pipe leading indicators– Pipe cleared.
– To be faulty oil pump– The oil pump is repaired.
– The leakage of oil– Where that leak is repaired.
– Vacuum occurring in the system– Measures in the form of the low absorption gas pressure are taken.
– Have reduced the amount of oil– Is controlled by dissolution of lubricating oil dispersed into the system. Oil separator is repaired.

That the High Oil Pressure

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– That the oil pressure gauge needle bent– Indicators are pointing hand.
– To be closed pipe in the oil system– Pipes opens checked.
– The low oil temperature– The system that cools the oil, the oil will be stopped until it reaches normal temperature.

Decrease in short time the machine oil in the compressor

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator enters into the compressor to evaporation.– Expansion valve is adjusted.Separating the liquid separator the coolant fluid is provided.
– The oil separated in the oil separator to return to the compressor– Checked and repaired, the system is returned to the oil.
– To be worn in the oil piston rings– Oil seals are replaced.
– When the system is inoperative presence of refrigerant liquid under pressure created in the refrigerant machine oil, work began to evaporate suddenly, oil drag– System stopped, there is provided as a low gas in the crankcase.

The Difference Between Low Pressure Reduction with High Pressure

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– The leaking of the valve should be closed to stop– The valves are repaired or replaced.
– Having broken the compressor discharge valve– Drain valve replaced.

Abnormal Sound Removing the oil separator

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– In case of small systems by the oil separator, the refrigerant gas shock at short intervals separator– The oil separator is changed, the oil separator is attached to an appropriate size and capacity.
– Gas oil, the buoy system and the relaxation of the separating plate– Float system and plates are compressed.

Exactly to leave the oil in the oil separator

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Failure of the oil collected automatically emptying the buoy system– The float system is repaired, replaced can not be repaired.
– Clogging of the filter in the float system– The filter is cleaned.
– Oil clogging the pipes leading to the compressor– Pipe cleared.
– Disruption of gas oil separating perforated sheet position– The position of the sheet is corrected.
– Inadequate capacity of the system according to the oil separator– Oil separator that is inserted into the appropriate size capacity of the system.

Regular Pour the liquid coolant in the condenser Condenser Tube

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– The size of the expansion valve did not fit into the system.– Expansion valve must be installed in accordance with the system size.
– Clogging of the expansion valve and the refrigerant pipe– Clogged spots can be checked.

Concentration of the normal pressure in the condenser Refrigerant

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– The air entering the condenser– The air is evacuated, the vacuum system is operated to occur.
– Calcification of the condenser pipe– The pipes are cleaned using sea water as cooling water for the oxidation of galvanized pipe.
– Inadequate quantity of water– Water pump repairs made necessary checked water pipes.
– Inadequate cooling surface– The amount of refrigerant used in the system is more than inadequate surface of the condenser tubes

evaporatörünyeterl Cooling s Failure

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Inadequacy of the amount of refrigerant– The coolant is added.
– The collection of machine oil in the evaporator– Oil checked and repaired the damaged separator.
– Evaporator frost of– The resulting profits during defrost.
– Inadequacy of the amount of salt solution– The amount of the salt solution is increased.
– Decrease the temperature of the salt solution– An abnormal decrease in the temperature of the solution if the salt solution amount is increased is observed.

Plate evaporator in the Formation of Ice Sheets between the condenser

Malfunction CausesRemedy Fault
– Of their narrow evaporator plate– Sheets expanded.
– Evaporation of the refrigerant through the low temperature– Expansion valve is adjusted.
– Is low airflow velocity generated in the tank– Fans and air filters are checked and corrected if there is a malfunction.

Source: MEGEP

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