Sherbet and Water Dispenser Construction and Operation

Sherbet, the fluid introduced into the chamber (buttermilk, sherbet etc.) to prevent freezing mix are equally each side of the cooling apparatus for a liquid.

The water dispenser, water is put into the device that are brought to the desired temperature. S dispenser from the mains water connection is made to the water tank. Plumbing system comprises a float. These systems are designed to achieve both hot and cold water. When prompted to run the compressor cooling system. Refrigerant compressor sends fluid to the condenser. The condenser coolant condenser, dropping the temperature of the fluid to the external environment. The capillary tube (expansion element) through the fluid pressure is reduced and sent to the evaporator.

Sherbet and Water Dispenser

Withdrawing heat from the water to be cooled is cooled here, the refrigerant evaporates. It sucked back to the compressor suction pressure. When the water used to float container from the system will be continuous water flow. When the heating water by activating the desired resistance can be heated to the desired temperature. individual thermostats are used for heating and cooling. This circuit ¼ hp and higher compressor, fan-cooled condenser, evaporator (nickel plated, curved tube) is used. The cooler temperatures will not fall to minus values. If a negative value because less water to freeze. Water kiosks outer casing is stainless steel, enamel or improperly taken must be made of a hair dye. reservoir where water is found in stainless steel, nickel-plated or galvanized steel should be made. Sherbet chamber of the strength of glass or mica-resistant alloy is made to be transparent.The beverage to be cooled to provide a homogeneous mixture moving recirculation and a recirculation pump is used to prevent freezing of the beverage. Once the cooling fluid condenser refrigerant compressor sends requested. The refrigerant condenses on the outside and throwing heat here comes the heat will position the beverage. Expansion element pressure reduced in the capillary tube to the evaporator by taking heat from the fluid sent here beverage drink while cooling fluid evaporates and is absorbed by the compressor. Sherbet be designed in a way to cool the beverage at the same time as can be designed for more than one beverage ingredient. Sherbet should be considered in continuous cleaning of the beverage would be in the presence must be clean. recirculating pumps used in sherbet operates with the magnetic field effect. ¼ hp compressor, fan-cooled condenser and the evaporator is used curved pipe nickel plated sherbet.

Sherbet and Water Dispenser Faults and Remedy

Compressor Malfunction

– Before installing a new compressor, the system is likely to be a mess and debris created in the old compressor must be checked.
– A part of the compressor oil sample should be taken, if there is a smell of burning without discoloration can be a normal compressor oil change.
– If the darkening of the oil is understood that the motor is burned or scorched.
– Without installing a new compressor and drier, the entire system must be thoroughly cleaned.
– New oil, old oil can disrupt the new compressor or mingling with drier and may create havoc in the capillary tube.

Recirculation Pump Failure

Electrical and mechanical failures may occur in the circulating pump. Electrical faults are checked in connection with the problem is resolved. If the pump motor side, or if the pump is replaced with a new body leaked.

Flat Care

On-grid in the fountain, there is a mechanism for filling water float switch in the unit. The amount of water used in water that is connected to the grid connection in the system until the float valve controlled water flow. Floater valve and screw occurs over time in lime. This prevents lime layer floater and jams. Do not cut off the flow of water. Floater short intervals and knuckles should be checked and necessary treatments.

Source: MEGEP, Sherbet and Water Dispenser

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