Cooling Circuit Components

Cooling Circuit Elements and cooling system mentioned, as well as devices aimed at personal use of air conditioning and air conditioners, refrigerated vehicles, food and also be conceivable to cool the special environment needed in the medical field for the manufacture of industrial products and stocked. Today, global warming and the impact of climate change used to be seen as a luxury air-conditioning and air-conditioningequipment is now the place to find itself in the requirement list. All these developments show that the shape and functioning of the cooling system varies over time will be needed to increase continuously trained manpower in this field.

Cooling systems, changes in state of matter, temperature, heat, pressure on technical issues such as a branch of theoretical knowledge and skills adequate for applications requiring hands. This module is an introduction to the cooling system in your hand branch will increase your skills with information that should include the methods and techniques must be learned.

Cooler in enterprises engaged in manufacturing, selection of appropriate cooling methods to determine the capacity planning and aesthetic issues to take into account, it is the first stage of production. After the basics, you will identify their place in the functions of the cooling circuit components and systems. After learning materials and their properties will form the skeleton of the cooler will combine technical resize according to the mounting cabinet. Finally prepared to set the cabin temperature for a long time the properties of the insulating materials used to protect and practice the techniques you will learn.

In a rapid development of communication skills that today’s technological development has kept pace with the dizzying speed. without having to reach tomorrow’s technology to today’s level of knowledge is not possible. information that you have learned, methods and techniques to compare with the applied methods and techniques in companies in the sector will significantly contribute to your professional development.

Cooling circuit elements, is prepared by the Assembly Cabinet Making matters Svet, the Ministry of Education is provided free of charge. Installation Technology and Air Conditioning Area is published under the title.

This publication, vocational and technical training schools / institutions involved in order to gain competencies in the curriculum framework as applied in individual learning material is designed to provide guidance to students.

Cooling Circuit Components


Cooling Circuit Components

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