Heating Systems Lecture Notes

Heating systems lecture notes in the context of, heating systems , heat losses account groups and descriptions, construction material and its components heat conductivity values, to be used in settlements heat values, installation project, which is used in indoor air temperatures, heating pipe diameter and pressure loss, circulation pumps, fittings (pipe heaters, radiators, convector, boilers, burners, indoor and outdoor expansion tanks etc.), heat insulation, plumbing systems, automatic control systems the amount of annual fuel and fuel, chimneys, tanks and example calculations.

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Heating systems lecture notes in the introduction excerpt;
“If more than one volume A and remove the desired temperature and this temperature the process of heating to keep a stable way; interested in these transactions when engaged in heating systems.Warming heat exchange between the human body and the surrounding area need a balance of heat exchange installation, and he was born than necessary to provide thermal comfort environment. The thermal comfort in buildings or people’s working conditions is important in terms of health and productive work. Thermal comfort is not for people who are alone today machines and all is also required for sensitive devices.

The living conditions of the people in physiological terms, tropical climate. A person can live a comfortable and secure environment must be in a certain temperature value. This value varies from 15 C to 27 C. Outside air temperature in winter decreased ambient heating.

Heating systems generally are divided into four main groups.
1. Central heating (under the building heating)
2. Singular heating (Floor Heating and villa)
3. District heating (Remote heating)
4. With hot air heating “.

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Heating Systems Lecture Notes


Your review about heating lecture notes after the loss of account and heat radiator selection , you can reinforce the subject by reviewing the subject. Related formulas necessary to heat about loss account example programs for calculations and heat loss calculation.

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