Air Duct Insulation

Air duct insulation importance in reducing the time and energy for cooling or heating a building are too large to be ignored.

With the proliferation of the world’s human population, consumption is rapidly increasing at the same rate. urban air pollution in parallel with the increase of energy consumption needs to be increased, it becomes natural energy resources are dwindling and increasingly expensive energy.

In our country in recent years, major shopping centers, offices, prestigious and multi-purpose buildings used as headquarters buildings are built with the latest construction technologies. to increase the supply and productivity of working people’s comfort arises obliged to do in this type of air conditioning and ventilation structures. No doubt the building heating and cooling systems of all types using any possible air-condition. the heated volume of the human experience, the purpose of the ventilation or air-conditioning is to provide them to live in more comfortable surroundings.

The reduction of energy used to heat or cool a building, mechanical systems are too large to be ignored the importance of insulation. Especially with scenes from the last section of the building heating and cooling systems, valve and fittings in this part of the energy savings gained in isolation if they are at a very important order. That’s why mechanical systems forming pipes, tanks, warehouses, air conditioning ducts, valves and passing through the armature fluid, with appropriate properties according to occur in hot or cold and must be insulated with insulating materials in the appropriate thickness.

According to the characteristics of the insulation material used and the media channel can be made by selecting the material. You will never forget the complete success of this module you yalıtımkonu of the significant information and efficient operation of the ventilation system have the skills and resources to make a major contribution to the use of energy in a healthy way.

Air Duct Insulation


Thermal insulation , temperature is a measure of overall energy recovery in order to be taken to prevent heat losses and gains that may occur due to the difference. Thermal insulation; the structure is made in plumbing and industrial applications.

Calling Basics of Insulation Materials Needed

The main features to be taken into account in the choice of insulating materials include:
– Heat transfer coefficient (W / mK)
– Density (kg / m3)
– Fire class (DIN 4102, BS476)
– Temperature resistance (° C)
– Mechanical strength (kPa)
– Steam diffusion resistance
– Water absorption
– Dimensional stability 100
– Lit when the smoke and gas interests
– Be environmentally friendly
– Be hygienic, does not allow bacterial growth
– Is economically

Insulation Materials

insulation materials and supplies used in industrial applications shows very different properties from each other. thermal insulation materials used in plumbing and industrial applications can be grouped under three main headings:

– Soft foam (flexible materials): elastomeric rubber foam, polyethylene foam
– Mineral fiber materials (glass wool, rock wool)
– Rigid plastic foams [expanded (expanded) polystyrene (EPS), extruded (extruded), polystyrene (XPS)]

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Air Duct Insulation

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