Ventilation Systems Book

Ventilation Systems Book, ventilation methods, ventilation elements, the design of ventilation ducts , ventilation applications, construction of ducts and fittings, testing, adjusting, and balancing the sound and acoustics includes issues. Ventilation with needs, relevant regulations and standards, sample calculations, there are fixtures definitions and question and answer portions.

Ventilation systems excerpt from the preface of the book:


This lecture notes, MEB-YÖK College Curriculum Development Project Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program, Ventilation System was prepared in parallel with the subject in the course curriculum.

Ventilation Systems course, our high school students studying in the second year, the characteristics of ventilation system elements, the tasarlandırıl ventilation channels, in areas such as making and application of duct fittings is a tutorial that provides adequate access to information.

This lecture notes, students can work on their own terms and subject better understand and we think it is a good resource. The course grade that can be opened in the future of air conditioning and refrigeration program is aimed at use in distance education programs.

This course is our number School Principal Occupation grateful for the valuable contribution in the preparation of notes Prof. Island Alaettin Sabanci, the number of our technical department chairman yrd.doç.dr.veysel polat, the number of their contribution Inst. Erdogan gürdala and distance learning unit officers thank our students. “

Ventilation Systems Book


Ventilation Systems Manual

Information: Mechanical project design and implementation that we thought we could benefit from this book as a resource for work Assoc Mehmet BİLGİLİ and Inst. See. Erdoğan ŞİMŞEK is located on our website received special permission from our teacher.

The aim of the book is to recognize the importance of ventilation and related regulations, being able lists the basic types and applications.

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