Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology lecture notes contents, description and history of cooling, heat and temperature, thermodynamic concepts, Carnot cycle, gas laws, psychometric calculations are available.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology quoted in the introduction lecture notes;

“To download volume below the surrounding temperature and the temperature of a substance or environment can be said to be cooling the heat to maintain operations there.

The simplest and oldest form of cooling, the nature occur in colder regions where snow and ice to bring and maintain them warm or heat to be putting into place to provide the required cooling.Maintaining the resulting snow and ice during the winter months use method for cooling purposes in the warm season, BC It is known to have been implemented since the year 1000. Egyptians were able to identify the liquid can be cooled in the night sky to see the open-style placed in pots. This form of cooling, the temperature of the dark sky to absolute zero (-273 C), and the fact that the level of radiation (radiation) is realized by utilizing the transmission of heat to the sky with path. Emperor Nero, the influence of the sun to protect the walls of the rooms have been built with straw isolated in this room and has led to long storage of fruits and vegetables.

Commercial purposes in the year 1806 the first large ice sales by Frederic TUDOR Antilles islands 130 tonnes of ice has begun to be taken by boat named Favorite. Although the damage from the first adventure is due to storage of the adversities, the fact is seen that large gains in the ice business, making changes in the boat to maintain ice for long periods during transportation annually 150 million ton has developed the volume of the ice trade reaching. It was even sell ice to other countries.Bestowed with nature’s ice were used extensively up to the year 1880 in the form of cooling. “

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Lecture Notes

Information: Akdeniz University of Technical Sciences Vocational School Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program lecturer Machine as allowed by our Engineer Orhan SHORT teacher, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, we share our site the lecture notes file. We thank them for their shares.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

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