Water Cooling Tower Installation Design

Water cooling towers, pipe connections and fittings are given a few image associated with operating principle is explained.

Cooling systems providing water to the system for which water is used in the transport of water and control installation is called. The main water pipes, plumbing, pumps, valves, strainers, check valves, manifolds, pressure gauges, thermostats and include installation elements such as floats. Each element must be compatible with each other and with the system. Otherwise, a failure in the installation of the entire system to malfunction in the air conditioning system, and even cause the system to malfunction.

Central type air-conditioning system in the efficient operation (heating and cooling) water systems are of utmost importance. Therefore, in order to provide the best working conditions it has to be well-planned installations. During use of the system it is constantly in need of care, considering the placement of equipment must also be allowed for easy maintenance.

plumbing in air conditioning systems, the system plays an important role in the healthy operation.The device is directly related to the performance of the installation. Installation of, is the command and control during the use of the system in question. However, these systems can malfunction occurred at the time and should not be ignored that need maintenance from time to time. Therefore, the functionality of the device, as well as installation and maintenance services business criteria should be designed taking into consideration.

Below, water cooling towers , is located a few pictures related to plumbing connections. When you examine the links on this picture, you will see that a few minor differences between installations.However, installation of the operating principle is generally as follows: the condenser cooling water used is heated by the condenser heat. We again use heated water condenser cooling is not possible. Therefore, this water can throw at a time and can put cold clean water. However, this means a waste of water and high operating costs. Besides clean water gradually decreased in our country today, we need to use water efficiently. That’s why we’re sending to the cooling tower water instead of heat throw. a portion in contact with the heated air inside the tower cools water by the heat of the other part of it evaporates. Evaporating water in the system causes a decrease of some water, but this loss is accomplished by providing fresh water from outside of the system.

Water Cooling Tower Two-way Valve

Figure 3.1: Two-way valve controlled cooling towers connection

Above, with the simplest form in Figure 3.1, you can see the plumbing between the condenser cooling tower. the heated water from the condenser, cooling tower water to go, here are sent to the condenser to cool the condenser then cools down again with the help of the circulation pump. no reason for the two-way valve between flow and return pipes, the water is heated to the desired return water can be mixed in certain proportions.

Below in Figure 3.2 installation operates in the same manner as the base. However, the heated water is mixed with return water of not manual thermostat control is carried out by means of a valve.Return water temperature gauge thermostat provides three-way valve with the help of overheating, especially in winter when the water mixing all or a portion of the water cooling tower to help turn sending the bypass pipe water. Thus, more stable operation of the system will be able to achieve a stable return temperature is also provided.

Water Cooling Tower Three Way Valve

Figure 3.2: Three-way valve controlled cooling towers connection

Figure 3.3 below the condenser and supplies the water regulating valve between the towers, pressure relief valve including valve and water was added. Water regulation, to detect possible fluctuations in pressure valve system condenser constant pressure acts to send the water. The pressure relief valve’s task is to protect against excessive expansion due to heat supplies. Adding water valve, it is used to complete the decreased water due to evaporation installation. Allinstallations other than these are the same with the other.

Water Cooling Tower Water Valve

Figure 3.3: Safety and additional water valve water cooling tower installation

Below is a similar installation in Figure 3.4 earlier. Wherein the wire elements are shown in a little more detail. Drain pan, drain pipe, filling tap can be understood and float freely in the image of the task.

Water Cooling Tower Installation

Figure 3.4: Water cooling tower water supplies

Source: MEGEP

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