Astrofest Uludag 12-13-14 August 2016

Astrofest 2016, Turkey’s largest observation festival will be held in Uludag Uludag Watching Festival in August 12-13-14!

NASA, from CERN, the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), the University of Utrecht, the Middle East Technical University, Bogazici University, Turkey Astronomy Association (TAA) will be held with guests from astronomy TUBITAK interviews, astronomy workshops for all ages, walks in nature and will be held by the observation telescope night sky will be held at Uludag Uludag 12-13-14 Astrofest the most impressive hotel in August 2016 will be held at the Beaufort Hotel. Bilimsev mind day and night are invited to all activities which are in science.

‘Islamic Scholars and Astronomy’, ‘The discovery of Mars’, ‘Way to be astronauts’ as theme interviews will be held with experts from all the rest will have the opportunity to be curious about astronomy. Astronauts also Uludag march adult human in nature Muhammed Faris Serdar Kılıç’s space adventure and nature workshops for children will also take place in the forest Explorers Astrofest’.

Astofest 2016

Since 2015, Bursa Science and Technology Center of Uludağ “astrofest” The purpose of the event held in the name of making the night sky observation, familiarize yourself with our solar system, moon and planets, constellations and celestial objects to be able to observe the giant telescopes, we wondered about space discussing with professors specialized in the field to strengthen our questions in astronomy knowledge and day-long workshop is to have detailed knowledge of the science of celestial e.

The event, held last year, the first was held in Uludag 6-7-8 in August 2015 date. In the astrofest’15 Turkey joining the event with 370 participants from 16 different cities in 62 teachers have received training in astronomy during the activity. 22 different workshops and conferences with 12 participants was conducted. 75 participants attended the event tent, leased 120 120 Matt and overalls, all rooms at the Grand Hotel where the event is filled in by the participants in this event. bags to participants during registration, badges, certificates, BAFF astrofest’15 brochure, the astrofest’15 set consisting of T-shirts and food vouchers are given. advisory activities that contributed to the regulation of astrofest’15 committee, scientific committee, organizers and trainers Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe is given by plaques.

Astrofest program and Educators List

Astrofest 2016 Event Schedule

Astrofest 2016 Program


– Mohammed Ahmed Faris astronaut – stayed for 7 days 23 hours and 5 minutes in space
– Assoc. Dr. Lokman Kuzu, TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute Director
– Professor Dr. Aysun Akyuz, chairman of the Turkish Astronomical Society
– Professor Dr. Durmuş Ali Demir, Member of the CMS experiment at CERN – Izmir Institute of Technology
– Khalil boatman, to go into space the first Turkish – Istanbul Technical University
– Dr. Behcet Açıkmeşe University of Texas Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Lecturer in the Department – NASA’s Journey to Mars “Curiosity” Tool Crew Member
– Serdar Kilic, the Human Nature
– Assist. Doc. Dr. Hüdaverdi Murat Yıldız Technical University
– Pirinccioglu Ceylan, President of VIP Tourism Board
– Assist. Assoc. Dr. MUSTAFA HELVACI, Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Informatics and Remote Sensing Satellite Communications USA Lecturer
– Professor Dr. Talib Alba, TÜBİTAK Science Board Member

Astrofest 2016 Pre-Registration Form: Online Registration

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