Thermal Insulation in buildings and Plumbing

Thermal insulation in buildings and Plumbing General Specification has been prepared by Izoder, building and wall insulation under the name of the installation. roofs, metal covered roof and facade applications made in-floor heating and cooling systems with sampling explains.

Thermal Insulation in buildings and Plumbing General Specification preface:

“Thermal Insulation in buildings and Plumbing, we import the vast majority not only saves energy but also decrease the greenhouse gas that is due to energy consumption, prevent environmental pollution.

Thermal Insulation in buildings and Plumbing General Specification in prepared; In light of recent developments in standards and implementing legislation was revised in 2014, it is intended to promote constructive and end users on issues related to insulation. There is no doubt correct detail, accurate and durable material with the right application, it is possible to produce high-performance and economical solutions. We think it would be a reliable source for many people Technical Specification prepared for this purpose. [one]”

Buildings and Installations Insulation General Specification

Thermal Insulation in buildings and Plumbing General Specification


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Thermal insulation in buildings with Caution is required General Considerations

– Sites and apartments for management in making insulating the building with the majority of votes (at least 51%) is required to make decisions.
– The company’s references will be examined in isolation.
– Thermal insulation, all is glass for building, roof or ceiling covers the entire wall and floor insulation and insulation must assess all together.
– Insulated glass should be done before the use of exterior insulation and the insulation of new generation in this regard should be preferred to the use of a higher glass. Also, at least not applied to be understood that the double glazing in buildings do not correct thermal insulation.
– Isolation from the outer side (sheathing) is applied between the inner side and form two walls. If possible jacketing made thermal bridges should be avoided.
– Thermal insulation of the building started about 50 cm down to ground level down to the ground floor will provide benefits in terms of preventing condensation problems. Ground level for six application is also recommended to be appropriate in terms of waterproofing and drainage.
– Before the Thermal Insulation; insulation and building walls will be made from the basic to the place, the plumbing, the roof, the balcony or the grooves must make sure that no water leaks.
– Insulation in old buildings on the surface to be intumescent paint and broken plaster surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and optimized for the insulation.
– TS 825 insulation project in the insulation thickness is the minimum thickness of the main building energy performance regulations will affect the insulation thickness to be obtained by taking the energy class of the building. That’s why; Energy class A high-rise buildings, high insulation thicknesses should be preferred.
– The necessary checks of the material according to the label for insulation insulation projects (especially material thickness etc.) Should be performed.
– Insulation application of the staff working in the building will be taken in the name of building the desired date of Social Security Documents will be important for potential work accidents.
– Management of the building, should be known legally responsible for accidents.
– Insulation and auxiliary materials should be used in the manufacturer’s stated in terms and amounts.
– Insulation while weather conditions should be conducive to insulation. In adverse weather conditions (hot, cold and rainy weather) must take the necessary measures.
– Implementation of the insulation should be checked periodically by management.
– After work; practitioners from companies, specifies the technical specifications must be strictly applied insulation document.

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