Izoder Sound Isolation Summit

Izoder started awareness mobilization against noise pollution with Sound Insulation Summit.

Sound Isolation Summit for a healthy and comfortable life

IZODER President Tayfun Kucukoglu: “Desensitization from the noise threatening our health will reach the level our country deserves.”

Undersecretary of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Dr. Mustafa Öztürk: “We are working to minimize the noise pollution in the buildings.”

Noise pollution and sound insulation issues that are negatively affected by almost everybody in today’s city life were put on the table by the experts who were held for the first time in the Sound Insulation Summit held in Turkey. IZODER Chairman Tayfun Kucukoglu stated that they started awareness mobilization against uncontrolled noise and noise pollution and said “There is a high and lasting effect on our soul and body health. Uncontrolled voice and noise abatement awareness will begin to develop every year from now on, mature and reach the level our country deserves, “he said.

The Sound Insulation Summit organized by the roofing organization İZODER (Heat, Sound, Sound and Fire Insulation Association) of the insulation sector at Sheraton Grand İstanbul Ataşehir; Sponsored by BASF, BONUS | Wooler, DKM, Filli Boya | Capatect, IZOCAM, Ravaber, Terra \ WOOL brands support of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Undersecretary of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Dr. Mustafa Öztürk and IZODER Chairman Tayfun Küçükoğlu made speeches at the summit, attended by doctors, psychologists, architects and engineering experts and academicians, including foreign guests, as speakers.

The summit was held with the slogan ‘Sound Isolation for a Healthy and Comfortable Life’; ‘Sound Insulation for Noise Solution in Europe – Germany Example’, ‘Sound Insulation Regulations and Policies in Europe’, ‘Legal Status in Turkey in Sound Insulation’, ‘Legal Status in Turkey in Sound Insulation’ and Solution Suggestions’ were put on the table.

‘Silence Tunnel’ created the region free from noise

İZODER , which is on the agenda with the Sound Insulation Summit, presented the participants’ experience of ‘Silence Tunnel’ which is prepared with the products of the sponsor brands, in order to raise awareness. All participants from the ‘Silence Tunnel’, which was set up for the meeting hall entrance, experienced the difference between noisy environment and completely isolated environment.

“Beginning of the desire to wake up from the noise, which suits my country”

IZODER Chairman Tayfun Kucukoglu said, “While offering industrialization, urbanization, globalization, strong economic opportunities and living facilities, we also have problems with which we are aware of our life together. Uncontrolled noise and noise effects, solutions and awareness of sound insulation have not developed in line with the development of our country.Our aim is that we do not notice the profound destructions of noise and noise pollution in our lives, in our health, in the harmony of society, increasing our level of consciousness, knowing the solution steps.

It is the initiation of uncontrolled voice and noise refinement for our country, our people, our contemporary and comfortable living environments we deserve. ”

Sound Isolation Summit

“Noise destroys our health with 35 critical effects”

Tayfun Küçükoğlu emphasized that İZODER’s responsibility for sound insulation is to make İZODER a liability in the social years of 2016-2018, saying: “The sound insulation of our country, which aims to be among the important developed countries of the world in 2023, exceeding the level of 10 thousand dollars is inevitable. We are on the way to achieving contemporary living conditions from the concept of ‘house to let go of ourselves.’ Development will be through heat, water, fire and sound insulation . Sound and noise pollution will increase as long as it remains strayed. Noise, spiritual and physical damage to our health by 35 critical impacts, our social harmony and productivity is deeply wounded. Sound and noise, depending on the continuity, dose and personality traits, all of us have different intensity effects. We must begin to avoid the destructive and persistent effects of noise pollution by avoiding unchecked, unconscious, uncontrolled noise and noise. We have to raise the importance of preventing noise from being conceptual and life-quality in order to be more contemporary individual, socially, more peaceful, healthier, more harmonious and productive.

“We are working to minimize the noise pollution in the buildings”

“We need to make our cities aesthetic, beautiful, make us livable and bring people to the center,” said Prof. Dr. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk, “We started a series of studies on how to reduce noise pollution in buildings. We need to prepare plans, guidelines, and public awareness about the negative impacts on the citizen. We need to develop systems that form the right project, the right material, the right workmanship and the right financing models. With regard to noise pollution, we will try to make livable, quality buildings by putting people in the center with the Ministry and related stakeholders. Soon we will publish the final draft of the draft regulation at the end of the negotiations. Your directive must also be applicable. Insulation is an important factor in increasing the quality of life of the society and the individual and providing economic benefit. In particular, we are carrying out EU-funded projects to minimize noise pollution caused by transportation. I would like to thank İZODER for their technical work on sound insulation and for making Kamouyunun conscious. ”

Noise pollution threatens the health of ourselves and our children

ENT Specialist participated as speaker in the Sound Insulation Summit. Hakan Yenice, Clinical Psychologist Irem Erdem Atak and Developmental Psychology Expert Ayşegül Cebenoyan emphasized that the noise pollution that we are exposed to in today’s urban life threatens the health of ourselves and our children. Ozan Özen, Chairman of SIEMENS (Association of Apartments, Sites, Residences and Mass Builders), stated that sound insulation is a neglected issue including modern buildings which are very new, while Kerem Erginoğlu, a Higher Architect, evaluated noise control and architectural design relation.

Problems start if we can not hear the speeches from 1,5 meters

“Acceptable noise level is the limit to which one starts to struggle to understand daily conversations in a quiet environment of 1.5 meters,” said ENT Specialist Dr. Hakan Yenice, who was invited to the physiological diseases of the noise, said: “Noise leads to a sense of hearing and damage to the way. Disordered people have effects such as restlessness, insomnia, nervousness impaired concentration. Reduces work efficiency, can prevent thinking. Studies on memory are influenced by noise from studies conducted for word learning purposes. The adverse effects of learning experiences are especially evident in schools. Noisy areas have a detrimental effect on learning effectiveness in nearby schools. May cause character changes. It leads to problems and overwhelming waning tendencies. It leads to irritation and anger quickly. The body is known to cause heart and blood pressure disorders such as palpitations (tachycardia), high blood pressure by affecting hormone levels such as cortisol and adrenaline. Intermittent and sudden noise can cause sudden adrenaline discharge in the person, resulting in reduced attention and impaired sleep patterns. ”

We must protect our children from noise pollution

Emphasizing that our dismal children affected both physiologically, cognitively and emotionally, Ayşegül Cebenoyan, a Developmental Psychologist, expressed his views as follows: “The most researched negative impact was the effect on cognitive skills. There are a number of studies showing that noisy children have serious negative effects on speech and literacy skills, attention and memory capacities. In studies investigating emotional influences, it has been shown that children have anger control and motivation. For example, teachers who teach in noisy areas say that they are very motivated to motivate these students and that they are very angry that their ability to cope with their frustrations is lower than other children. There are also surveys that show that finding a long time in noisy environments causes children to develop a sense of helplessness. ”

Noise negatively affects our psychology and everyday performance

Psychologist Irem Erdem Atak underlined that it is a problem that afflicts everyone without exception. “The most obvious effects of agitation are discomfort, distress and tension. Nervous disorders caused by noise, fear, anxiety, fatigue and slowing in mental effects are recognized as important symptoms. Suddenly rising noise levels can also create fear in people. Moreover, noise can disturb sleep quality. Difficulty sleeping, waking up during sleep, getting up very early and feeling insomnia in general are important effects that can be counted. In addition, noise is a condition that affects everyday performance. Generally speaking, communication difficulty can occur. Noise can also impair performance when reading and learning. Attention must be paid to the fact that language and language listening and speaking-based activities and learning, which force memory, are adversely affected. The noise that plays a role in destroying the memory of the word; it creates difficulties in the operation of intellectual activities. It also negatively affects problem solving skills. It is also about reducing labor productivity. Studies of work efficiency and productivity-related impacts have shown that the environment in which complex work is done must be quiet, while the work in which simple work is done is a bit noisy. When there is too much noise in the working life, it is difficult to make the job correctly on time, business accidents can come to the scene, “he said.

Ozan Özen, chairman of the SIEMENSER (Association of Apartments, Sites, Residences and Mass Builders), said that sound insulation is a neglected subject, including modern buildings which are very new. “We see good examples but often neglected due to lack of sound insulation legislation and sanctions. subject. Nevertheless, the Environmental Hazard Assessment and Management Directive is not sufficient for neighboring noises. When the building’s exterior sound insulation is neglected, the floor and walls of the upper and lower side flats and the sound insulation of the elevator well conveyor walls are neglected considerably. We manage such buildings that the upper chamber can make you feel uncomfortable in your bedroom, the pianist in the next room can say illallah, a young man living in the lower circle and preparing for the university exam can not teach his attention due to a noise cause, a high heeled footwear or a hard- it can lead. Voices created by the neighbor are arranged according to Article 18 of the Law on the Ownership of Houses, No. 634, which regulates neighborhood relations within the concept of “disturbing others, disturbing others”. This substance is rather inadequate, as far as generalizations are concerned. According to Turkish Law, the concept of “disturbance from noise” is a subjective concept. And the person who is uncomfortable changes to the person. Who can not decide why, how annoying it is, even those who are uncomfortable. For this reason, there is no measure of illness. The discomforts related to the voice are stuck in a stereotypical sentence such as not making noise and sound after 22:00 in most management plan and judicial decisions.With that, children can not be confused with the freedom of the game. ”

Kerem Erginoğlu, architect, evaluating the relationship between noise control and architectural design, said: “Noise control studies, architectural preliminary project decisions and decisions regarding technical equipment and building carrier systems should be initiated without any doubt.If this is not done, there may be much greater difficulties, much larger expenditures, or incompatibilities to achieve the same end result. At the beginning of the measures to be taken in noise control; ‘choosing machines, equipment and systems that work the same job and without noise’, ‘reducing noise with measures to be taken at the source’, ‘trapping to noise source’, ‘preventing noise from going out of source’ stopping in narrow boundaries ‘, creating sections that can not be stretched,’ and ‘taking precautions against the building’. In the meantime, life in offices is no longer nested and old-fashioned, there is an open office layout. So we share everything. We provide your private space with headphones. In America, 142 workplaces with 23450 employees were evaluated for workplace satisfaction. According to this survey, acoustic comfort in open offices is an important factor in ensuring employee satisfaction, “he said.

Source: İZODER, izoder.org.tr, Sound Insulation Summit

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