Solar Panel Orientation Detection

Solar panel will be set up efficient systems for many years and must be done correctly identify the location of the roof assembly for trouble-free operation. For this, the shadow falls hampered state, founded on flat surfaces in the plant of solar panels (modules) should be noted on the distance between.

Solar panels (modules) on the module reduces the efficiency of the drop shadow group sometimes it can lead to completely cut-off. The solar panel layouts come oblique rays of the sun while the situation should be taken into consideration. the oblique rays of the sun in Turkey (low angle), it is the date of December 21. The angle of inclination (α) varies by region. It also found nearby trees and protruding windows can also create shade. The layout of the solar panels should be made according to the situation.

Solar Panel Drop Shadow

Shadow falls on the module hampered

drop shadow on the module because of a disability is checked as follows:
The distance between the obstacle and the module (L), H / tanα certainly will not occur because of the barrier is greater than the shade.

L> H / tan α

Particular attention should be paid to the distance between the flat surface of the roof module in established plants. It must not be interrupted by the incoming solar radiation at the location of the previous module module. The minimum distance between the modules must be present in order to cut the sun’s rays to each other is calculated using the following formula.

A = [(sin α / tan β) + cos α] × L

Solar Panel Range

Distance should be left between the two modules

According to the Solar Panel Roof Shape Direction Detection and latitude-longitude Account

36o-42o north latitude on Earth, about 26o-45o annual solar radiation in Turkey between east longitude 1303 kWh / m2yıl, around 2623 hours when the sun year (1 year = 365 days = 8760 hours). Our country faces a measure of 63% in the 10 months of technical and economic aspects of the sun (solar) can be utilized for energy. Solar panel is needed to shape the system will see solar panels stand day east of the day until the sun to sunset in terms of the right to extract energy from the high level of production. This sun (solar) energy systems, solar panels interests of many different power generation method using solar energy holding at right angles to the highest level.

Solar stand directional control should be made prior to the installation and the system must be installed facing south. In addition, the sun will be installed in other solar tripod stand, consideration should be placed in an area due to shading from trees and buildings. direction and shadow calculations should be done before starting to set up the system with the help of a compass stand.The solar panel should look south to work in a healthy direction. The well is planned to use the systems to be installed in summer and winter sun stand slope angle should be the same as the terms of latitude that area. If the system is scheduled to be used only in summer and 15 ° latitude of the sun stands low in terms of latitude angle (vertical summer because the sun’s rays come). If the system only in terms of the latitude of the latitude angle of the sun is scheduled to stand must be used during the winter high of 15 ° (horizontal solar radiation during the winter is coming).

Solar Panel System

Toward south-facing solar panel system

Turkey, 36 ° – 42 ° north latitude, 26 ° -45 ° east lies between longitudes. Solar table angle adjustment while our country’s northern latitudes (36 ° -42 ° north latitude) must be assembled considering. Solar panel stand, summer and winter afternoon during daylight hours should be positioning facing other condition to sunlight. Otherwise, the sun (solar) panel of efficiency is low.

For example, a solar panel rack mounting Mus Mus will be open if we accept as 39 ° latitude;

– Solar panel system to be used in summer and winter stand to angle should be 39 °.
– Just type solar panel system to be used for table angle should be 39 ° -15 ° = 24 °.
– Only solar panel system to be used for the winter table angle should be 39 ° + 15 ° = 54 °.

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