Solar Energy Hot Water Supply

Solar energy is a technology based on obtaining energy from sunlight. on the Earth’s orbit, in space, the sun’s rays reaching the unit area, when measured on a surface perpendicular to the sun 1,366 W / m². This value is also referred to as solar energy constant. The atmosphere of this energy reflects the 6%, 16%, and thus dampens the highest solar energy can be reached sea level, 1,020 W / m². These values are indispensable to obtain hot water from solar energy is concerned.

Solar hot water supply in this direction ” Solar Design of Edirne 21 Flats building with Hot Water Supply Systems” We are publishing from design issues on our website.

Excerpts from the Preamble;

Edirne 21 apartments in a building’s annual usage of water will be supplied by solar energy. Closed circuit will be held will be made in the planning of the flat collector system forced circulation.

Due to decreasing utilization of energy resources in form of natural energy sources and changes in world politics today reached very different sizes. Our country is in a very favorable position in terms of opportunities to benefit from the sun.

Rapid urbanization, industrialization and energy use increases brought about by the population growth, it is now forced to use different forms of energy. Solar energy in this quest, discussed and on intensive research is emerging as an energy source made. The best source of inexhaustible energy and solar energy, which is also free. Now, how to benefit from this energy source in the world’s developed countries, it was investigated how the store. Production of electrical energy, heating, distillation, drying, cooling and so on. such events are held. In recent years, solar powered cars are made.

In fact, it derives all its energy from the sun. Widely used fossil fuels, ages ago, they changed their characteristics thanks to the energy received from the sun and is used today have their way. With the use of fossil fuels have increased so rapidly that the question be completed in the near future.Therefore, a large portion of our energy needs, not from the stored energy source, to get from the sun, we must begin as soon as possible.

Solar Hot Water Supply

Edirne 21 Flats Building Design of Hot Water Supply Facility with Solar Energy

Source: Erdal GÖÇEN, Mechanical Engineer

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