Potable Water Critical Pressure Calculation

There are two methods for the determination of Potable Water Critical Pressure Calculation.
Kritik Basınç Hesabı

Critical Pressure Calculation TS1258 Method

The plumbing is the sum of the losses occurred in friction and local scope of pipes, Rline arthritis factor taking into account the prepared tables are read. Table 1 in steel and cast iron pipes prepared for values. According to these tables in a variety of diameters and L.t. and conveys the pipes 1 mt long and the total average pressure occurring loss. Fresh water plumbing must be between 1 m/s to 2 m/s speed. Very sensitive to sound in applications such as hospital speed 1 m/s below, your voice is trivial is above 2 m/s in industrial applications (up to 3 m/s) values. Therefore, this table is selected, the speed of the pipe diameter and pipe it is possible to determine the specific total pressure loss.

Kritik Basınç Hesabı Boru Basınç Kaybı Tablosu

Table 1 steel and cast iron Pipes

Critical Pressure Account DIN 1998 Account Method

As with other pipe and channel installation friction loss and individual values and calculate local losses total on multiply a coefficient to take into consideration pollution method:
Total pressure loss, ΔP = ∑ R. L + Z can be found with the expression. Here;

R = coefficient of friction, L = tube Length; Z = Local pressure loss.

This is in line with the TS1258 standard or DIN 1998 you can calculate the system according to the pipe diameter. In our country, more TS1258 according to the standard calculations.

TS1258 Used As A Formula Accounting Method

Article 1 also mentioned pressure loss values can read from the table or steel tubes can achieve in a table with the following formula.
Formula = (7,289 * L.t. ^ 1.01)/((D/10) ^ 5.49)
Y. B = Loading Unit
Diameter = Pipe Nominal diameter (mm)
Potable water according to installation to help you make Critical PressureAccount in units of speed is automatically set to the attached excel in a variety of programs can be downloaded from the link.

Potable Water Critical PressureCalculation Programs
DescriptionDownload Link
Critical PressureAccount ExcelKritik Basınç HesabıURkritik-basinc-hesabi.xls
Loss Of Account Excel Critical Circuit PressureKritik Devre Basınç KaybıURkritik-devre-basinc-kaybi-hesabi.xls
Plumbing Pipe Diameter Calculator Ruler ExcelSıhhi Tesisat Boru Çapı Hesap CetveliURsihhi-tesisat-boru-capi-hesap-cetveli.xls
Precise Plumbing Pipe Diameter Calculation Method Based on Excel Cargo UnitYük Birim Metoduna Göre Sıhhi Tesisat Kesin Boru Çapı HesabıURyuk-birim-metoduna-gore-sihhi-tesisat-kesin-boru-capi-hesabi.xls

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