Installation Technology Course Notes

Installation Technology Course Notes; plumbing, plumbing, hot water, plumbing, water storage, water and pressurized, sewage plants, storm water systems, fire protection, plumbing, heating system, softening water, sanitary ceramic ware includes issues.

Installation Technology excerpt from the preface of course notes:


This lecture notes, MEB-YÖK Program Development Project was prepared in parallel with the subject in the Plumbing course curriculum.
Plumbing courses, faculty and students studying in college is a lesson in allowing access to adequate information on plumbing issues. This lecture notes, students can work on their own and to better understand issues
terms is a good resource.

This notes the engineers preparing the machine room and we benefit from the various plumbing publication. Friends mechanical engineers to use the course are advised to take note of the publication “

Installation Technology Course Notes

Installation Technology

Information: Mechanical design of the project and we thought we could benefit from the work on the application source Installation Technology Course Notes Inst. See. Erdogan ŞİMŞEK taken from our teacher the special permission is located on our website.

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