What is Heat station (Sub Station) ?

Heat station in buildings with central heating system, which is mounted separately to each apartment, the desired hot water heating principle and the sudden heating systems which control is a multifunctional unit.

Flat heat station taking an interface in a central heating system that would power center of the circle. Heat stations does energy production, energy from the central heat source is transferred to the apartment.

Heat station

Heat station Uses
– Multi-storey buildings
– Centralized heat villas in
– With different heat sources
– Geothermal
– Cogeneration
– District heating
– Natural gas, fuel oil, wood – coal-fired boiler

Heat station Facilities Areas
– Domestic Hot Water
– Domestic Hot Water Re-Circulating Line
– Heating system
– Radiator
– Underfloor Heating
– convector
– Cooling system
– Pressure and Flow Regulators
– Counter Heat and Water Meter

Heat station Working Principle
ls stations use hot water to a plate heat exchanger is prepared using. In the heat exchanger, the mains water is encountered in a different area of plates and the central heat transfer between the hot water coming from the heat source is effected by continuous countercurrent flow principle. Operating from the heat source at the center to ensure the water is diverted to warm hot water priority thermostat or thermostatic controls proportional + exchanger.

Heat Station Operating Principle

ls station of Use What are the advantages?

– Water temperature in heat station hydraulic, thermal, or with both factors together that the control system can be adjusted to the desired temperature between 20-70ºC.
– Size of the apartment and hot water needs as determined by the number of residents, the plate is covered without the need to wait times through the heat exchanger.
– To check the temperature of each room of thermostatic radiator valves in accordance with the operating conditions (optimal) it provides the environment.

Use in buildings covered by the hot-water heat stations needs three main columns are needed.
– Coming from the energy center
– Turn the energy center
– Arrival of cold water supply

Use warm water; the need to prepare instant heat stations, boilers, hot water pump, pump panels, boiler calorimeters, you do not need equipment like hot water meters.

Operation and Maintenance
– All tube station on AISI 316 stainless steel and other installation equipment MS58 brass and AISI 316 ensures high resistance to corrosion of stainless steel produced.
– Heat station in corrosion and scaling resistant, copper soldered AISI 316 stainless steel, plate heat exchangers manufactured in accordance with international norms used. Take it to the next system design and thermal stability favored hydraulic connections are protected against the formation of lime.
– Station amount of heat into or out of the mounted cold water and heat meters used by each circle with water and consume determined. value of the counter in distribution expenses are taken into consideration.
– Storage tank for solar collectors and heat pumps can be added to support the system is used.
– Boiler return temperature of 50 C and can be kept much lower, can be easily implemented using yoğuşmal won consequently.

Heat stations does energy production, are directed to the needs of hot water by controlling the heat from the center of the circle. Hence the natural gas pipeline separately to each individual apartment, and there is no need for a chimney. combustion process in an apartment does not occur and there is no risk of poisoning for the special chimney flue gas available.

Domestic hot water is not storage, which needs to be prepared immediately ” Legionella ” eliminating the risk.


Source: Daf Energy & Danfoss

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