EIF 2016 9th International Energy Congress and Exhibition

EIF 2016 is a comprehensive organization of the energy sector, senior corporate executives, decision-makers, opinion leaders in the energy sector, non-governmental organizations, managers, academics and regulators will gather. Which will be closely monitored by national and international media organizations EIF live broadcasts by 2016, contained in the World Energy Corridor, with the effect of the major participants will make an important contribution to the development process for the future of Turkey. EIF 2016, the distinguished delegate of the environment will be a provider of international visibility and competencies of the participating organizations interact with each other.

EIF 2016

9th International Energy Congress and Exhibition / EIF 2016 is a platform to discuss various issues related to energy production lot in the world and Turkey. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, the purpose of the congress will be held with the support of the Ministry is to create an environment where a variety of energy sources and to evaluate all aspects of the energy market and can be addressed and discussed the latest developments in many aspects of the application.

This year, as in past years EIF’s 2016 top-level speakers and delegates is to take place with the participation of domestic and foreign outstanding exhibition space will host energy companies. EIF, which will be held under the 2016 exhibition area will be open free of charge to all energy related.

EIF 2016 Congress of Focus

• World Energy Outlook And Turkey
• Evaluation of Turkey Energy Market
• Renewable energy sources
• Environment and Climate Change
• Electricity Generation from Coal Resources
• Nuclear Energy
• Financing Energy
• Energy Security
• International Energy Projects
• Electricity Distribution services and network technologies
• Energy Legislation
• National and International Energy Trade
• Modernization and Technological Developments in Energy Investments
• Energy Efficiency

Who Should Attend Congress

• The energy industry executives, decision makers and professionals.
• Oil and gas production companies and Authorities
• Oil Distribution Companies
• Natural Gas Distribution Companies
• Refining Companies
• Department of Energy, Subsidiaries, Related and Related Institutions Authorities
• Energy Experts
• venture capital
• Investors
• Financial institutions
• Governments, heads of state, ministers, politicians
• Civil Society Organizations and representatives
• Environmental organizations
• Contractor Firms
• Engineers
• Domestic and International University of Scholars
• Students
• Media and Press Members

Why Visit the EIF in 2016 Congress?

You can follow site development and new technologies in the energy sector. You can discover new cost effective solution for the current process. Companies in the energy sector as well as indigenous leaders from around the world can hold talks with foreign companies participating in the fair. Many of them are looking for new partners for foreign companies in Turkey, you can expand your business potential and you can sail to new mergers and explore new investment opportunities.to develop new projects may be in contact with domestic or foreign ministries, to your project, you can find new investors and supporters.

9th International Energy Congress and Exhibition

Participants Advantages

EIF participating firms stand open for the 3rd time in the event (regardless of the stand m²) will have the following advantages:

• Opening ceremonies to, the congress sessions and seminars for 10 people register for free right
• 2 persons have been allocated to the company VIP protocol eat participation rights
• Support sponsors 2m x 4m logo flag on the possibility of using it in the foyer status
• 30% discount in all the right kind of sponsorship
• The company and / or product workshop about the sponsorship they want to do special workshops for visitors 40% off right
• promotional brochures to be distributed to participants in the Company
• 1/3 color advertisement in the exhibition catalog the possibility to make
• the right to use free parking for 4 cars
• During the exhibition the company uninterrupted internet facilities
• Airport / Hotel and Exhibition Center between our VIP transfer service, 30% discount as possible to take advantage
• Negotiated our hotel (the fairground nearby and 5 * hotels), and the possibility of booking the room selection priority
• company logo on the Web page, the link given and the possibility of the publication of company introduction letter
• Press publications logo in advertisements will be in use facilities will be provided.

EIF 2016 Venue and Date

EIF 2016 9th International Energy Congress and Exhibition will be made in Congresium Convention and Exhibition Centre. Congresium use area of 80,000 square meters, 10,000 square meters of exhibition and exhibition halls, large conference halls with Ankara ‘s is the largest convention and exhibition center.

Place: Congresium Ankara Aton International Convention And Exhibition
EIF 2016 Congress Registration: Online Registration Form
Date: 03-04 November 2016
Address: Söğütözü Caddesi No: 1 / A, 06510 Çankaya, Ankara / TURKEY
Tel: +90 (312) 285 0 385 • F: +90 (312) 285 0 057

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