22. Construction Fair – Turkeybuild İzmir

Construction Fair – TURKEYBUILD IZMIR, it grew 30%, and the newly added area 19.500m2 halls, 350 exhibitors and is the largest building meeting the Aegean and Mediterranean regions with close to 30,000 visitors. fair it held since 1995, the field size, number of exhibitors and visitors with the Building Fair – Turkeybuild after the Istanbul summit in our country 2 bears the distinction of being the largest building.

Construction Fair – TURKEYBUILD growing fairgrounds every year since 1978, enriched products and services is a growing domestic and offering world-class service with a number of foreign exhibitors International Building Materials and Technology Summit.

Construction Fair – TURKEYBUILD IT GROUP PLC, one of Turkey’s Turkey office IT group company FEED Fairs Inc. It is organized by. YEM EXHIBITION 39 years of experience, 17 countries in 31 office worldwide in the year 240 on fair and regulate conference, a global network ITE Group provides plc combined with strong global network, fair participants and the sector contributes to the creation of new business opportunities. YEM EXHIBITION With this co-organizers of the exhibition are among the most powerful of today.

YEM EXHIBITION Istanbul, Ankara and organized by the Construction Fair in Izmir – TURKEYBUILD Balkans, where organizations with take place including Turkey, North Africa, Middle East, Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) offers services to the States. The huge success of the sectoral meeting FEED each year hosts Fairs, due to the region and provide content that is covered by the most powerful organization of the fair of the construction sector is characterized by the company.

Turkey attracts the world’s attention!

Construction Fair – display their latest products and services of building industry TURKEYBUILD region and beyond providing an opportunity to follow an international “Business Development Platform” as prominent. Creating new markets for Industry, Construction Fair of the sector and the national economy in order to provide commercial benefit – TURKEYBUILD every year is reinforced with enriched content activities.

Increase its regional power with long-term project!

professional and social organizations on different issues, “Guest Country” project for many years made and the construction sector in corporate reputation means traditional Golden Plumb, which has become one of the “Building Product Award” in Gold Magnet “Best Stand Design Award” are just some of this work. This is to embodiments of the aspects most concrete examples in 2011 first performed “Guest Country – Russia”, held in 2012 “Guest Country – Germany”, held in 2013 “Guest Country – Azerbaijan”, organized in 2014 “Guest Country – South Korea” and in 2015 held “guest country – Kazakhstan” projects.

Building Exhibition – TURKEYBUILD the content of the Turkish construction sector has contributed to prominence as an emerging trend in the world. Through international cooperation is carried out through the transfer of knowledge across all regions of the world and business opportunities. UAE and Mosbuild as the industry’s most well-known fairs with strategic alliances to continue YEM EXHIBITION, export-oriented projects, the development and the company’s audience in the wide range of end users from the manufacturer in order to create some competitive strategy is helping to put together.

22. Construction Fair - Turkeybuild Izmir

Construction Fair – Turkeybuild About Izmir

Construction Fair – Turkeybuild participating in Izmir;

The largest building exhibition taking place in the Region Among the participants will capture new business and cooperation opportunities.
-Item Will bring 30,000 visitors to your services and technologies.
Competitiveness can evaluate your case, you will be able to follow closely the development of the sector in the region.

Construction Fair – Visiting Turkeybuild Izmir;

The latest products Hundreds of participants will have the opportunity to be informed about the innovations in the industry seeing its services and technology.
You will benefit from sectoral information flow through the activities organized within the context of smoked.
Hundreds building material manufacturers and construction industry professionals will come together with the chance to establish new business contacts.

Construction Fair – Turkeybuild Izmir Product Information

-Transfer tools (Escalators, Lifts etc.)
-Purification Systems
-Suspended ceiling Systems and Accessories
-Link-Fixing Elements
-Bathroom-Kitchen Equipment
-Concrete-tooling and Equipment
-Computer Software
-Building Hardware, Furniture
-Finishing Elements
-Pipes and auxiliary equipment
-Partition Walls
-Glass and Transparent Elements
-Facade Cladding
-Roof Coverings
-Wall blocks and elements
-Wall Coverings
-Real Estate Marketing
-Curtain Wall Systems
-Security Systems. and building automation
-Ready-to-use mortar and plaster
-Heat, water, sound and fire Insulation
-Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning
-Scaffolding-mould and Equipment
-Business Machines and hand tools
-Door System and Accessories
-Railing and handrail systems
-Contracting Services
-Blinds, roller blinds and Venetian blinds
-Window systems and Accessories
-Prefabricated Components and Engines
-Saunas and swimming pools
-Sectoral Publications
-Design Services
–Installation Equipment
-Production Systems
-Construction Chemicals, Adhesives, Resins
-Structural steel elements and Accessories
-Routing Systems. and Display Elements

Construction Fair – Turkeybuild Izmir Masthead

History3 to 6 November 2016
LocationTrade Izmir
Trade SubjectBuilding, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition
Visiting hours3 – 5. November from 10:00 to 19:00
November 6 10:00 to 18:00
EditedFEED Fairs Inc.
Telephone+90 (212) 266 70 10
Fax+90 (212) 266 71 10

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