What is Water Heater ?

Heater, happens in two different ways depending on the form of hot water to produce. These are the copper hot water heater obtained with the first liquid or gaseous fuel, electric water heaters are obtained using the second electric hot water. Today, more electric heaters are used in big cities.

Solid Fuel Fired Water Heaters

These heaters are made as pipes and liners.Tubular type water heaters in hot smoke and gases resulting from combustion, cylinder boiler heats the surrounding water through a pipe inside. The embodiment of the jacketed type water heaters are as follows: there is a cylindrical jacket that surrounds the outside of the water heater body. Cylindrical heater have smoke channel between the shirt body. In such water heaters is higher than the bath temperature is heated more quickly. Tank water heaters hot water preparation, water heaters cold water inlet from the finished floor is supplied from a reservoir located above 2,500 mm.

Solid Fuel Fired Heater

Solid fuel heaters tank assembly drawing

Solid fuel heaters tank assembly while this sequence is applied;
– Water Heaters is put in place and taken to scale.
– Water heaters tank is made of float connection.
– Cold water inlet on top of the heater for easy connection of the electric water heater tank console above to be at least 2500 mm fixed with mortar wall.
– Store the cold water inlet connection is made.
– Store the water heater cold water inlet connected with galvanized pipe ¾.
– To store the hot water outlet hot water pipe connection made extreme material drawn line.
– Also the hot water outlet, so as to enter the depth of the tank is prolonged ventilation.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are self-tank. The area around the tank, hot water is insulated with heat-resistant insulating material to maintain long-term. It must be introduced in advance to get hot water from the water heaters circuit. water can be obtained at a desired constant temperature on the thermostat. Electric water heaters can be installed in small type faucet or shower is also available.This water heaters is poor in terms of yield and capacity, besides the advantages of small size.Electric water heaters assembly are as follows.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters installation image

Water Heaters

Heaters also known as instantaneous water heaters. It operates with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The main elements constituting the water heater; finned tube water heaters (heat exchanger) atmospheric burner combustion chamber, gas control and safety elements, the body are water and gas pipes. Installation of the water heaters should be very narrow bathroom or voluminous spaces. Draught should be sufficient.

Water heater installation is done as follows:
– After determining where to place the water heater, water heater hook finished lower level to be 1300 mm from floor locations marked on the wall.
– The distance between hooks is the extent of about 250 mm.
– Locations marked then drilled dowel gravel.
– Mounting brackets and sprayed water heater hanging scales are checked.
– Is attached to the water heater cold water inlet valve.
– Geyser of hot and cold water pipe connections are made as a spiral hose. (It constructed as a Sleeve.)
– The gas connection is made.
– Chimney connection by making the edge contacting the heater strip wrapped around the pipe does not burn. If it plastered surfaces in contact with the wall plaster of the flue pipe sealing better.
– The gas connection , chimney connection and hot and cold water connections passing through a leak test installation is complete.

Water heater

Gas water heaters installation image

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