Sustainable Life Support with Wilo Memorial Forest

The Wilo Memorial Forest created in the district of Balıkesir Savastepe through TEMA sapling planting process has been completed.

So far, drawing attention to his work with scarce water resources and creating awareness about environmental protection Wilo, in line with this vision TEMA Foundation has contributed to an important project. Through TEMA, Balikesir, it created a memorial forest in the district Savastepe. Planting process shortly before the end of the “Wilo Memorial Forest” from forests, both forest biomes Balıkesir began to hospitality.

Wilo Memorial Forest

“TEMA Foundation, we will continue to make joint efforts”

Wilo environmental vision that led to Turkey General Manager Ercüment Yalcin, “Memorial Forest” about the meeting, said:

“Covering all areas of life digitization of our industry was one of the most important items on the agenda. All devices in the digital age that is smarter and start communicating with each other, the construction of the pump system and can not fall out of this ecosystem. When we think of today’s building design and practices are faced with enormous data volumes. We need high technology to be properly managed.

A “policy” have taken more signatures

Wilo long as we invest in technology. Make life easier with the use of technology and we aim to create value for our customers. One of the latest examples of our technology investments, the Building Information MODELLING (BIM) solutions, offering easy access was. BIM, the physical and functional properties of plants used in the creation and management of digital virtual presentation stage in the construction industry as a design and build method emerges. BIM BIM content used in the project was the world’s first manufacturer of pump systems, providing easy access. I think interest in the new issue of our newsletter you will read details on the subject.

We claim the environmental ecosystem

Summer season of “hello,” we said. With a lot of beauty in the summer, unfortunately, we live in disasters such as forest fires. Our forest is burning inside our burns, too. Wilo as environment , we attach great importance to the protection of ecosystems. We made an important collaboration with the TEMA Foundation in line with this vision. TEMA hand in hand with giving the district of Balıkesir in Savastepe “Wilo Memorial Forest” have created a forest named. Nature and add value to the life of the project will continue in the coming period.

We add value to the largest project

Finally I want to mention our reference projects. Reference projects in the chest swell our last project was the champion Besiktas Vodafone Arena stadium. Turkey’s first smart heating Vodafone Arena stadium, he is proud of being performed by the infrastructure Wilo pumps and lawn watering.In the first six months of 2016, Wilo have left behind a dense and efficient manner. The second half of the year we will continue to work towards our goals. “

headquarters staff in Turkey, 1,000 large family with Wilo, will continue to produce projects for the protection of natural assets as well as the sectoral activities.

Source: Wilo e-newsletter

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