Plumbing and Importance

Plumbing, supply of water required for the structure, storage, heating, softening, pressurization and distribution, the disposal of waste water, purification of waste water, a rain water drainage and fire extinguishing issues.

Plumbing for water use in buildings with 25 mm pipe is laid. sewage water used in the building by the sheer number of apartments to convey sewage 100 “luxury 125” like 150 “like 200” luxury 250 “is like laying the pipe diameter. Performed by qualified persons for the plumbing infrastructure is important because you are building a water leak due later will be the number of victims is very high so it can be damaged.

The people in our modern world a healthy, safe, comfortable and economical way no doubt that the importance of plant engineering and have experience with modern building is large. Every day is an important area of expertise develops and renews itself. In preparation for plumbing projects, architectural projects with architects on pipes through the placement of locations and devices studies should be undertaken. The following can be listed for the creation of a modern sanitary systems:

– Ensuring a reliable clean water to building residents and the prevention of interference of any liquid in the water.
– A number of devices, the amount of supplied water and the establishment of an appropriate system pressure direction, storing the necessary water.
– Waste water and dirt from clogging the drainage system is to ensure the protection of solids buildup with proper care.
– To select the appropriate piping and equipment installation material for an acceptable life.
– Clean water and proper sewage system separation, to provide insulation and ventilation.

Clean water be delivered to the user in a healthy way place, dirty and sanitary sewage is collected and taken out of the pipe network that the building installation, called a plumber to which this pipe. Plumbing is directly related to the protection of human health. Urbanization and modern life, together with the needs of installations has increased the importance and plumbing. instruments used in the same way tools and techniques are developed. Clean water has played an important role in the existence of mankind since ancient times. Mankind settled wherever they find clean water sources, sources have dried up or becomes dirty looks for new places. India “in the valley was I” in the excavations, the people who lived here before they did so in 3000-6000 revealed plumbing.


Plumbing pipes Cautions in Installation


operating life of the water pipe is short compared to the lifetime of the structure. failure due to various reasons, it is possible to repair or replacement needs to be heard. Measures should be taken during the architectural design to be easily accessible to the water pipe. For this purpose the flue pipe and making the installation is correct.


Pipes exposed and recessed (concealed) as may be laid. Exposed pipes are laid parallel to the walls and intervals as shall be equal to each other. But how much time it will get dirty if you laid uniformly laid, with exposed pipes it may not look beautiful. Where aesthetics were emphasized, it would be right to lay pipes flush.


The volume of water passing through the liquid state into solid leads to explosion of pipe will increase up to 1/12. The weakest spot pipes burst due to freezing. Pipe internal walls to protect it from frost and correct spending of relatively warm. Although it is helpful to isolate the pipe, so cold air can not prevent enough time to freeze on standing water. However insulated pipes freezing of the water would be too late. Because exposure to temperature change is less than the pipe expands and shrinks. water must be drained to prevent freezing of water in the pipes in unoccupied buildings.Frozen pipes to wrap a cloth soaked in warm water to open, pour hot water on heating methods are applied, such as fire or flame.

Batting Coach

Sudden closing a faucet or valve is suddenly drop to zero velocity of the water, it can remove the pressure on the tube 15-20 times. large fluctuations in pressure on the pros and cons and these fluctuations will continue until the pressure returns to normal. Pipes shook noise occurs. In fact, the explosion of the pipe is even possible. The intensity of the ram stroke is effective with the flow rate of water. The sudden closure of taps and valves should be avoided to prevent the ram stroke, the speed of selecting large water pipe should be reduced. a pressure reducing valve to reduce excess pressure in the system must be used. In systems where high pressure must be used to tap rubber seal. It can be avoided by the sudden air pockets before closing fixtures. Air pocket of air, reduce the impact of ram stroke caused by reasons not achieved by a cushion.


the length of the horizontal pipe about 0,005 “up slope is given. a tilt amount may be increased in the short distance. the direction of the slope of the water meter. However compelled to multiple points may be given if the slope is thick. The issue to be considered when filling in the installation of water pipes in the air, ground water discharge permitting easy is high.


When the installation is being used in water would rustle and rattle the installation. The excess water speed does rustle in the water outlet. When the installation at any point in the air and water starts to flow creates rattle. Water meter, washing tank (reservoir), seal constitutes tap into a loose rattling noise and vibrations. This noise disturbance data is transmitted into the building with hoses and clamps. noise vibrations by placing soft materials such as rubber tube between the clamps or brackets can be solved to a great extent. If loose gaskets replaced. One way of suppressing noise is to reduce the water flow rate. pressure reducers are used for this.

Identification of Pipes

Pipes on the walls and ceiling are determined by special hangers and clamps. Clamps and braces as well as between the diameter of the spacer tube is to be allowed depends on whether horizontally or vertically. Placing rubber for preventing noise between the pipe clamp prevents the formation of noise.

Living Building

Building sits over time for various reasons. It is not possible to avoid it. Things work the pipes entering the building and the foundation wall is passing a large pipe. smooth paste between the pipe sleeve is filled with bitumen or silicone-type material.

Inspection of Water Distribution

City water pressure in the mains water may be enough for 5-6 storey buildings. However, the upper floors of buildings higher water dilemma. Therefore pressure increasing use additional systems. In the basement to the water tank is connected to the feed line. Warehouse outlet connected to the water pump and water pressure, and increasing the number of times according to the number of apartments on all floors and apartments in the required pressure to flow. Testing the water made the installation, the installation will be laid and after all the work done. The air of the installation with the opening of the upper tap in the column is removed and the pipes are filled with water. Then, the pressure to be used with the system was subjected to a solid pump 1.5, pressure is at least 10 minutes until the pressure experience. If leaks are fixed.

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