Hot and Cold Water Installation Practical Information

Practical information on clean hot water and clean cold water installation is included.

Clean Cold Water Installation

1. Heat insulation should be made on the cold water pipes remaining in the wall. Pipes that are insulated against sweating will have longer shelf life.
2. The clean water installation should be free and a slight incline should be provided in the direction of flow of the air evacuation in horizontal directions. The air outlet at the top for air evacuation and the drain tap at the bottom for evacuation of the system.
3. The cold water pipe should be at the bottom to prevent the water condensing on the horizontal horizontal pipe bundles from damaging the underlying pipes.
4. It is recommended to install a pressure regulator after the hydrofoil, if not after the water hour.In this way, the pressure will not change and unnecessary water consumption will be avoided.This may not be necessary if there is regulating in the floor entrance.
5. The distribution line and column lines should be separable from the individual system if there is a downstream line, if the columns are large (with the column valve), and each column should be independently dischargeable.
6. Each floor floor distribution line (or each flat) must be able to be separated from the system independently. Apart from this, the central hot water system should also be independent of the cold water system.
7. When applying the bass reservoir line separately or as a stand-alone application, press down the water inlet of each WC group and place a shock absorber.
8. Pipes should be placed in bathrooms and kitchen walls during horizontal floor distribution. It is absolutely essential that the pipes and tanks are not exposed. The piping going to the tent will not be desired for the outflow, and the three pipes will be shortened.
9. Hot water circulation and cold water pipes should be insulated before the shafts are closed.
10. It is absolutely necessary to use galvanized piping, built-in galvanized pipe pitch, protective tape etc. in order to fix galvanized pipe. it must be protected with material.
11. In particular, pipes made from the kitchen cabinet must be protected.
12. Bathrooms – WC – The galvanized pipes inside the kitchen should be mounted on top of the level, the branches should be left downwards so that the pipe, stone, Do not block the main pipe of the par player.
13. Fresh water pipes should not be passed through the outer wall in cold areas. Insulation against bleeding should be made in clean water pipes. This isolation should be done with steam cutter and details of chilled water, console details, and chilled water installations.
14. Hella should only be connected to clean water installation via reservoir. Bids should not be used as long as there is no independent water supply.
15. Protect the galvanized pipe against air. The galvanized pipes, which are indented in the interior, are punctured with time. There is no galvanizing protection capability in the interior.
16. In tubular formwork systems, it is practical to pass the bath tubing through the suspended ceiling and to mount the curtain indoors.
17. The inner parts of galvanized pipes to be covered by tiles are covered with 1/2 “plugs. Once the tiles have been made, some of these corner taps will be tiled and the tiles will be broken. The 1/2 “increased pipe should be used in place of the corner plug by threading one end of the pipe joint and crushing the other sides (10 cm in length).
18. If the villa clean water installation is using a massage shower, the pipe diameter should be at least 1 “. In this case the water pressure should be increased, the lower press should be 30 mSS, the upper pressure 40 mSS should be. Lower pressure 15 mSS can be taken in villas with normal showers.
19. When watering in the villages is determined, the garden must be taken in front of the watering hole. The flow rate should be 1.5 m3 / h when there is no irrigation and at least 3 m3 / h when there is no irrigation. It is more accurate for the company planning the irrigation system to find the necessary water flow and pressure for the irrigation and to determine the hydroforation capacity.
20. The main reason for the sound generated in the clean water installation is the high water pressure. The high pressurized water exits the water velocity above the 2 m / s value at the point where the cross section is narrowed. This includes the installation of the pressure relief valve, the installation of the pressure relief valve to the water inlet and outlet, the pressure relief of the three pressures in the system, and the pressure relief to the flue inlet.
21. Where the water is low, the water taken from the treatment can be used in the garden or in the reservoir. Against the fault in the treatment,
a. A separate line should be built in the reservoir, including hydrofoil.
b. Bass reservoir is more suitable to use. It is healthier to say that water is not stored.


Clean Hot Water Installation

1. Heat insulation should be made on the inside of the wall using hot water and circulation pipes.Heat loss is reduced, there is no heat gain inside the building in summer.
2. Search in a good boiler is required Features:
a. High hot water generation capacity
b. Hygiene
c. Thermal disinfection possibility against Legionnaire’s disease
3. When a water heater or thermosiphon is installed in the boiler house, hot water mixes with cold water and cold water mixes with hot water.
a. Although mounting the additional valve to the hot and cold water inlet of the apartment theoretically overcomes the problem, practically the problem still persists because the additional valve is caught.
b. The pipe connection of the hot water system should be made as follows, provided that the solution is provided by the architect.
Water System Connection
4. If the distance between the boiler and the point of use is longer than 12 meters, it is necessary to put the circulation pump for the usage water into the Dutch norms.
5. If the boiler is placed under the bathrooms in the architectural plan, the circulation pump may not be needed.
6. It is recommended to use a closed expansion tank in the dyers. Otherwise the water will be drained from the safety valve.
7. The cost of heat lost in the condenser of the DHW circulation pump is high. It is the control of the usage water circulation pump from the time clock of the automatic panel. … For example, in houses, this pump should stop between 11 am and 6 am. The domestic water circulation pump should not be operated even in detached houses and work places, even during unused outdoor hours.
8. Do not connect drainage of condensing boilers directly to sewage pipe. The methane gas that may come from the canal may cause explosion. For this;
a. 40 cm. Siphon should be made in the height.
b. The siphon dispenser must be free, do not use the seal, and the drain water must flow through the funnel with a funnel.
9. Copper pipes should be placed after steel pipe in the flow direction. Otherwise, the copper pipe in front of the pipe will be poured with water, the pipe will pierce the pipe and the hole will be drilled.
10. The intake valves should be closed when the valve is closed. Disc type check valves are recommended for this purpose.
11. Compensation should be installed on long and short hot water and circulation lines. In each case, a 10-fold compensation should be placed on these pipes.
12. Galvanized pipe and brass chiller valve should be used in the water circulation of the boiler.Black pipe should never be used.

Source: Isisan, Architect’s Installation Manual

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