Clean Water Installation in Wet Locations

Clean water supplies are issues that need to be considered for laying operations. Buildings in the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen is called wet.Wet occupy a significant area of the circle. The sanitary water use areas, according to the needs collected in this section. flooring in wet areas to ensure water sızdırmalıg isolated. This type of insulation material in the ceramic tile is often utilized on floors and walls. Built laid clean water supplies in the wall below the floor.

clean water pipes in the apartment necessary it should be installed by plaster six. At the same time laying the pipe under the plaster also it prevents sweating. The floors in the column pipes are laid above the plaster. The drain pipe is pulled through walls or floor. Waste water pipes are laid from the colon wall. Later, these pipes are under tiles. The waste water pipes in the horizontal withdrawn from the top floor or lower floor. Above the floor coverings are closed.

Wet Clean Water Installation


closet in the bathroom sink, strainer, washing machine, sanitary materials, such as used bath. The bathroom door in the regulation of care must be taken to be fully opened. If the washing machine where it will be noted that if placed in contact with water bath.

Clean Water Bathroom Installation

Figure 2.18: Typical bathroom layout; bathtub, sink, toilet bowls and floor drains

Do not use water to put in the bathroom sanitaryware materials used according to the load plumbing pipe diameter. For each of these materials are usually ½ “(Ø15 mm) is sufficient for the nominal diameter pipe. Pipes in the construction phase, the bathroom walls will be installed under the plaster from the interior surface.


It should be considered as separate from the bathroom and very well ventilated. WC “Turkish style and European style toilets stones used in s. WC outlet must be placed in a sink. After using the stone sink latrines are required to wash their hands.

Wc squat stone reservoir filler pipe diameter and bidet faucet pipe diameter ½ “(Ø15 mm) is used.½ for sink faucets “(Ø15 mm) pipe is sufficient.

Clean Water WC Facilities

Picture 2-30: Typical layout WC (sink, toilet bowls and floor drains)


which is directly related to water in the home kitchen, dishwasher and a battery. In some cases, water heater or boiler is placed in. This pipe clean water connections ½ “(Ø15 mm) is made with the pipe. Dishwasher, water heater and hot water inlet of the boiler ½ “Although piping ¾” in diameter are made, with reductions ½ “diameter is reduced.

Clean Water Kitchen Facilities

Picture 2-31: Typical kitchen layout (sink and radiator)

Source: MEGEP

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