Excavated the Pipe Channel

The excavated the pipe duct, pipe systems and the excavation process can vary the type of installation.Installation pipes, electrical cabling and related communications, sewage can be listed as the top titles. Let us examine the process under the sub-heading in this direction to excavate the pipe conduit.

Excavated the Pipe Channel

Plumbing pipes Workspace

Pre-insulated pipe work area is part of the package is barred from entering outside officials.Assembly officials, efficient and reliable pipe excavation and installation of such equipment plan for the excavated area should ensure that the provision of the channel.

typical cross section of the channel is shown in Figure-1. Way, work safety signs on the other side of the safety strip between the line and the new workspace with vehicle traffic is shown.

Working area


excavation method for the pipe excavated channel depth of excavation and so on. wide variety of channel configurations can be applied, as decided pipe.
In general the following requirements must be fulfilled;

  • ensuring that the necessary condition for the channel depth of the channel pipe laying and support,
  • with fillers to surround the pipe appropriately to provide the necessary space to be compacted condition,
  • ensuring safe working conditions for workers to work at Channel speed run.

Channel size is usually buried in the depth of the pipe, the space required for the installation of pipes and fittings to those determined by the branch. Figure 2 a typical duct section and are also shown in Table -1 channel dimensions recommended. [one]

Channel Section Channel and Recommended Sections


Sewer opening comes from the process extremely unprofessional to be done. Channels may be blocked for a variety of reasons. This is why hard objects thrown at the expense of the pipe, comes and slurried materials. Sometimes it can be blocked due to collapse of the channels. Channel or camera with the help of advanced technologies in the process of opening sewer blockages fulfills the use of electronic devices and modern equipment.

It is particularly important to implement the breaking of the grooving method. Channels also can be opened without breaking the robot declogging device is used. This device is not a robot in a conventional manner. It must be professional users and professional users serving corporate systems company. Therefore, when faced with a problem such as duct obstruction serving professional team is recommended to receive support from the company. These teams are implementing the camera channel acme method. primarily the cause of the blockage in the services offered by the electronic camera device and the location is determined. Accurate understanding of an application on the source of the problem is extremely important. Professional teams, the channel device with a camera and evaluating the images they have on hand is to examine the acme determine the most appropriate method. This painful method of fragmentation of the body, sometimes causing congestion, and by sometimes pulling out the removal. Sometimes it is also removed from the body over which high-pressure water jet and cause blockages using the channel is opened so.All of these actions on the environment and on channel while no damage occurs. excavated the implementation of the surround channels, as do traditional plumber, has been developed in the past with the device.

Robot Grooving Operation

After detecting the location of the problem of clogged sewage cleaning process is carried out with the robot channel opening action. These robots are causing congestion body into pieces with precision. In order to remove the channel name is cut into small pieces it is also easy. When fragmentation understand that the object of the determination made at this time in the helical springs robot declogging device is activated. This spring, the removal and body pulled out of the channel is to provide the opening in this way. This application also do not harm the environment and into the channel. One of the biggest features of the services offered by robotic devices can be deployed to the area will not be done in practice. However, in conventional methods, acıl of the chemicals on the particular channel must remain out of use for at least a day when used.

Channel Congestion Cause Health Problems!

Channels are underground system for the removal of waste water in the building in general.However, the building of the collection of waste water and is present in the channels which is sent from here to the sewage system and congestion may occur in these channels. If such problems duct cleaning done before problems occur from growth measures can be taken. Normally a certain period of time is recommended to be cleaned on the channel. This channel congestion prevention is important in pain. channel systems in buildings, and prevents formation prevents the formation of germs and bad odor. Congestion may occur here, endanger the human health. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene immediately to congestion will occur.

Expert teams, sewer blockages camera before starting the process of opening a preliminary investigation and research into electronic devices. The reason, the location of the blockage and to determine the structure of the body that causes the problem only for you. After the images are evaluated by expert teams obtained from the camera will start the removal process eliminates the problem with Android devices. The Price There are different methods. If a structure is used if high pressure water jet can be removed from the place where the body at high pressure causing congestion. Body structure is available, this time to fragmentation fragmentation process with the help of robots congestion acme device is performed. This process is divided into small pieces and removed from the system objects with high water pressure. If not removed by water body does not linger to pieces, this time on Android devices activated coil springs. These springs attracting body back out to remove it. inside it is cleaned with high-pressure water in the sewage system afterwards.

Floor Treatment of Underground Cable

Let us examine the method of underground cables laid in the ground, respectively;

Preparation of Cable Trays

Cable channel, opens with the appropriate instruments detected along the cable path. equipment used, depending on whether hard or ground floor of the place specified for the excavation of the pipe conduit varies. The depth of the canal streets and areas at least 80 cm, must be at least 60 cm outside of this place. This depth is inevitable in special protective measures taken reduced by around 20 cm. Cable channel bottom width of 40-50 cm, top width should be 60 cm. If more than one cable laying cable into a channel width between the share added up to 20-25 cm. In fact, the channel size; operating voltage of the cable and the cable diameter and the number of bricks etc. used for the protection thereof. It varies according to size. Excavations are made along the way and to lead the way in the city streets. drop cable channel in the sidewalk, it must be at least 60-70 cm away from the wall of the building.

The bottom of the cable channel must be flat and free of obstacles such as stones. cables outside the city where there are no residential buried 50-60 cm deep. If the channel does not open the vault in depth is reinforced concrete above the cable channel (too hard rocky terrain). City of cables under streets and sidewalks installed along or at least 60-70 cm away from the wall. Usually the cable is laid on both sides of the street and alley ways. Streets should be split with vertical cable pits. If the cord is passed vertically street, the street will be ruined, traffic axle, labor increased. When the late heavy vehicles from the streets cord injured. cable that is laid at least 1 m deep. Cables if iron or less than 1.5 times the pipe diameter concrete pipes are laid in the cable diameter if the diameter of the tubuli or ice should be at least 2 times the cable diameter.

Laying of the cable channel

Underground cables are not routed directly into the canal opened. The cables laid directly in the ground life is short. Because there are many chemicals in the soil. the base of the channel must be solid floors and stone-free. The cable is laid on the 10 cm thick pouring sand sifted opened channel.It folds on the left and right of the cable built sand deposited. sieved again over a 10 cm thick sand poured wired cable. Sand layer cools the cable. Laying the cables twisting, making the knees, scraping or excessive stress is careful not occur in such cases, the cable does not rub on the ground. New cable is laid in a place filled; to overcome the depression that can settle in the ground is not as straight forward into the cable channel, curved (S) routed. laying as in solid ground the cable to be settled conform to the floor because there is no redundancy in the wire and may be broken.This possibility should not be forgotten. For this, the cable channel, as is laid meandering giving excess.

the sand on the cable and laid side by side on the same channel between LV and MV cables brick or full during all cables at least 6 cm thick concrete slab or plastic and so on. protective elements made of materials should be placed. Thus, workers digging in the open pit cable pulse must be protected and understood in advance that there is no cable. This protector is made of at least about 30 cm on a 10 cm wide strip of polyethylene warning should be placed. The LV and MV cables MV cables laying on top of the bottom, low voltage cable is laid so that the top is laid brick cross between them.

with a power cord with another power cable or the control cable is not less than the clearance between the cable diameter 7 cm condition must take up. with a power cable, telecommunications, railways, highways and so on. approach each other about the case with the cable or cutting each other must be at least 30 cm clearance between them. This opening is smaller cables plate made of non-combustible materials should be protected with a half pipe or purse.
Rail, waterways and road passing over the vehicle to pass under the steel cables should be laid in the concrete enclosure of HDPE or PVC pipe or concrete cable ducts. upper edges of the pipes and channels, the lower edge of the rail and the road surface must be at least 1 m below.

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Information: Excavated of the pipe prepared by Izober channel is added to the website on a special permit from them. Thank you for sharing their knowledge and.

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