Parking Garage Ventilation Principles

Parking Garage Ventilation systems, today “of the multi-storey underground parking garage” numbers, especially in the big cities of our urban centers, is gaining increasing importance with each passing day. Usually busy people visited the crowd, cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, airports, complexes such as bus stations basements and ground floors or right side of the multi-storey underground parking lot in the beginning, is working to respond to this growing parking needs in urban centers. Visitors density in the parking lot of a possible fire, emergency, further increasing the significance of the system should be activated immediately. Smoke Control Systems is one of the most important systems in this regard to protect the lives of the crowd in the parking lot.

Parking Garage Ventilation systems in case of fire emergency, people’s escape and firemen are designed to help the fire-fighting. In case of fire, it closed multi-storey car park, the smoke, will not be released from the openings in the ceiling or roof in a natural way. In addition, the ceiling height is limited, usually between 3.5m and 2.5m, by the use of the peak level as a reserve area, depositing a layer of smoke and if people’s refuge will not be able to be provided. Smoke to spread throughout the park within a few minutes and up to the ceiling from the floor all the parking level smoke will fill. As a result, this will make it impossible to escape the intervention of man and fire.

Jet Fans Parking Garage Ventilation systems through Europe seen in the last 7-8 years. In our country, are in demand in the last 2-3 years is quite widespread. This new approach to car park ventilation, as it brings together the many advantages from a technical point, it causes chaos to a team concept and design. [1] In this context, the jet fan design and CFD analysis should be clarified as a result of a number of tests.

Ventilation ducts Example

Parking Garage Ventilation

Jet Fan Ventilation Example

Jet Fan Ventilation

After this brief introduction of regulations under the name Parking Garage Ventilation, technical article contains the definitions and parking account [2] peek.

Parking Garage Ventilation Principles

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