MMO Insulation Program

MMO Insulation Program is fully compatible with the software described in the account of ts825’t accepted and effective method, and a wide variety of different structures related to these sections, doors and windows can be created. specific heat loss by using the software developed, the annual heating energy needs, condensation charts and graphs can be easily created, reports can be generated automatically.

Using this program, the TS 825 “Heat Insulation in Buildings Rules” specific heat loss, as defined in the standard, and can be made calculations for on condensation arbitration and by comparing the calculated value with the limit values defined in the standard, compliance with the national legislation related to energy efficiency designed building is assessed.

basically functioning of the program is in line with TS 825 standard. information about the structure primarily subject to standard entries made in the program, the structure of the annual heating energy needs and condensation calculations made by the specified standard is checked if there is any.Rearrange the design, if not even provided one of the two criteria (material type and / or thickness and / or changing the lineup, vapor and so on. The addition of new material) should be performed.This process is the annual heating energy requirements and condensation is continued until both criteria provided. Municipalities requested and prepare the necessary heat required ID documents created after the project’s viability is achieved. After the calculation, the program optionally making the payback period of account, insulation and energy-saving investment that pays itself back how much time can be determined.

File download link: Insulation Program

TS825 insulation can benefit from the program library on the use of calculation program, you can make calculations, taking into account the thermal insulation regulations and recommended value.

Installing Insulation Program information about CME:

– Your Computer “Access 2000 or higher” while downloading the zipped installation package, open to any position you see fit, we can start using it immediately. You can download the file from the Microsoft Access package is not installed in the database. Access Download Link
– We can save more than the program folder (to open multiple programs at the same time provided) can be used for different tasks.
– The program figures different formats (period, comma) checks. However, if the problem is still there (Regional and Language Options / Decimal Symbol: Comma, Step ..: Dot) is available.
– If the computer has a printer definition (on local or network) must a printer (such as the HP LaserJet Series II etc ..) rules.

MMO Insulation Program Training Video

Source: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, MMO Insulation Program,

MMO Insulation Program

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