MİLRES, MİLGES, MİLHES, YGDA National Tubitak Projects

Various institutions and organizations under the leadership of TUBITAK energy production, development and design of the website, along with the ongoing MİLRES, MİLGES, MİLHES, YGDA projects.



National Wind energy systems development and Prototype Turbine production (MİLRES)

Project Scope

The project with great industrial scale electrical power 500kW and production of 2.5 MW wind turbines with a completely original and indigenous technology development and prototype manufacture. The project is divided into two phases in the process of TUBITAK referee. 500 kW wind turbine developed in the first place, this prototype on a trial basis after 2.5 MW turbine design been aging using prototype will be developed. 500 kW prototype trial set in 2.5 MW turbine designs will also be applied to the system. All of the main systems in the project, with nearly all of subsystems, MİLRES project team designed and developed by the original and native, and produced in our country. In addition, the project 1. from different universities and institutions 9 under 98 researcher and 23 graduate students.

The Purpose Of The Project

The main goal of our project design and technology belongs to Turkey, the original and the establishment of a world-class competitive wind industry is to create the infrastructure needed to.The realization of the project objectives are as follows;

• 10-year period, planned by electrical power resources survey and Development Administration 20 GW and a 20-year period, a total of 40 GW wind power capacity for the installation (1 MW capacity is 1 million USD) will be released abroad a total of 40 Billion USD domestic turbine technology generates 25% of the resource is 20-year 15 billion USD to avoid national resource out of the country,
• In our country, wind turbine production and testing of the subsystem infrastructure improve, industrialists and işçilerimize business facilities provide, 120 thousand people directly and create indirect employment, 250 thousand people
• Industry energy r & d National content issues for more of our attention and provide native integration of wind turbine technology
• International energy market will be able to develop energy technologies compete, take a leading role in international energy investment
• Renewable energy sources like the wind, developing technologies for
• This field workforce is also growing, with domestic production, the revival and assess export potential of similar markets
• Wind plants; the Tower wing, generator and related power electronics systems develop,
• In the long term, the world wind turbine design, manufacturing and sales, please enter the first 5.

Project Coordinator institutions and Organizations

1-Sabancı University
2-Turkish Aerospace Industry Inc. (Tai/Tai)
3-İstanbul Transportation Co., Ltd.
4-İstanbul Technical University
5-Marmara Research Center

Project Customer Institutions
1-the Ministry of energy and natural resources

National Solar Power Plant Development (MİLGES) Project

The Purpose Of The Project
The main objective of the project, Turkey’s photovoltaic (PV) solar power equipment needs based on its technology for producing and exporting to the world to become a country where the infrastructure has been constructed and pilot implementation of a solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW (GES).
Project Scope

The project started in December 1, 2014 is projected as a 3-year project period. The project manager of TÜBİTAK MAM. Inverters that are to be used in the project and monitoring systems will be developed by TÜBİTAK MAM. Bereket Energy will make investment of Denizli Turkey is to be produced for the first time in domestic solar cell, TUBITAK MRC, by which domestic solar power plant, with a capacity of 10 MW produced it, and panels will be used. As part of the project, GÜNAM, PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) type and abundance of Energy development of the eye of the Sun to the r & d support.

The main scope of the project;
• Developing photovoltaic (PV) cell,
• PV panel design,
• Development of the İnverter,
• GES monitoring and control system design (GES SCADA),
• 10 MW and is aimed at the realization of the installation of the Complete GES.

Project Coordinator institutions and Organizations

3-Peace Energy Corp.

Project Customer Institutions
1-the Ministry of energy and natural resources

Hydroelectric design and manufacturing As Native Components (MİLHES)

The Purpose Of The Project

The purpose of the project; using the national facilities, hydro-electric power plants will improve the efficiency and emre at way, vertical type, Francis turbine, Synchronous Generator, speed regulator, warning system and designing, production and commissioning of SCADA system. For this purpose all the development and production of Kepez-1 hydroelectric power plant.

Project Scope

The project has started on February 1, 2015 project duration 36 months. The project, executive agencies, control and warning systems Weight design in the project of TUBITAK MRC, found the experience as well as a warning system, speed regulator and SCADA systems with generator and turbine design and manufacturing will perform field tests for. Design-manufacture-test system infrastructure, which models the TOBB University of Economics and technology, turbine design, model generation, will perform the model tests according to international standards. The project also Turkey experienced in the production of Electromechanical industry Directorate (KKM) is a private enterprise, and HİDROPOL Engineering (HİDROPOL) in the production of turbines and weight.KKM, extensive field experience with production on hydroelectric power plants dismantling, installation and commissioning activities outside also.

Project Coordinator institutions and Organizations

1-TUBITAK-MAM Energy Institute
2-University of TOBB-ETU
3-HİDROPOL Engineering Machinery Electrical and electronic industry and trading co., Ltd.
4-Electromechanical industry Directorate (KKM)

Project Customer Institutions
1-General Directorate of Electrical manufacturing, Inc.

Multi-level Modular Converters Based Depending On High Voltage Direct Current Back-to-back (YGDA) System Development

The Purpose Of The Project

The purpose of the project; Our country and neighboring countries (two-sided) would allow electricity shopping Back – the spine (Back to Back) Static Two-way Active Power Transmission System (AA/DA/AA converters system) is to develop indigenous designed possibility.

Project Scope

The project started in June 15, 2014 project duration 36 months. In this project, our country will allow neighboring countries with enterkoneksiyona self komütasyonlu modular multilevel converters based back-to-back attached to a YGDA system will be developed. Each of 25 MW, medium voltage (MV) IGBT or connected back-to-back in the level of IGCT-based unit of four converters by running in parallel by creating a 100 MW will be provided with two-way power flow YGDA system. The voltage-sourced converters to be used in the system, modular and multi-level structure. YGDA system based on both back-to-back port power quality parameters according to international standards and regulations. Back-to-back YGDA system based on bi-directional active and reactive power flow in addition to providing power can be controlled independently, sönümlendirilmesine of low-frequency oscillation between the region and the primary/secondary frequency control of the fulfillment of the functions will be designed to allow. Numeric-based Çevirgeçlerin control systems (current FPGA/DSP technologies), can be updated in the embedded software, open source and flexible structure.

Project Coordinator institutions and Organizations

1-TUBITAK MRC, energy Institute
2-ADULARYA Energy Inc.

Project Customer Institutions
1-Turkey Elektrik Üretim A.ş. General Directorate (TEIAS)
Source: General Directorate Of Renewable Energy, MİLRES, MİLGES, MİLHES, YGDA Projects

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