Using Air Conditioning Attention!

To Male from Turkey’s leading air conditioner manufacturer, then give the meteorology of hot air conditioner alarm has announced useful information for users. Baymak Manager Volkan Binzet The points that need attention for healthy, economical and reliable use of air conditioner are as follows.

Be careful of your health when you use air conditioning

* When you use air conditioner, you should not be exposed directly to the air conditioner at the very beginning. The cool air that the air conditioner blows should not hit a person at close range. Direct contact of the air from the device, especially for children and elderly people, can be bothersome and causes illness.

* Sudden and rapid temperature changes should be avoided. Otherwise, it can have negative effects on human health. For example, when the air conditioner is operating in cooling mode, it should not be set too low. This situation will increase the energy consumption as well as the negative effects on health. It will be the best way to choose the highest temperature you will be comfortable with. These temperature conditions are at 24-26 ° C in Turkey.

* There must be a difference of 6-7 degrees between outdoor temperature and outdoor temperature. The fact that the difference between the two environments is too great can affect the health of the people who come into the place negatively. At the same time, each degree reduced for cooling the room will increase the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by 5%.

* In addition to air conditioning maintenance routine filter cleaning is of great importance both in terms of health and performance. Filters must be cleaned at appropriate intervals to the manufacturer’s recommendation so that the air conditioner can remove air from foreign and harmful substances. Especially in the case of dusty environments, the filters of devices which have not been operated for a long time should be washed before use. The filters of your air conditioner must be easily removable for cleaning so that this process can be applied easily.

* Do not keep the blowing speed of your air conditioner high.

Billing attention while cool

* Devices with ECO mode should be preferred and ECO mode should be used in order to save the environment and protect the environment by saving carbon dioxide emissions.

* Care should be taken to ensure that the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner’s inner unit is not covered with curtains and furniture. In order for the air conditioner to operate properly, air entry to the outdoor unit fan should be comfortable. If possible, the outdoor unit should be mounted on the shaded side of the building. In this case, the device will be less stressed in the summer months and less energy will be consumed.

* For less energy consumption; On very hot days you can save energy by cutting curtains, blinds and shutters and sunlight entering the place.

* In very humid but very humid days, you can operate your air conditioner in dehumidification mode. This feature will reduce the amount of moisture in the environment and create a comfortable environment.

* Your cooler should not be used for purposes other than drying, food heating / cooling, for example.

* Window-Balcony doors are opened when using the equipment to provide the air conditioning stops, especially in summer houses will provide significant energy savings.

* When the outside air temperature drops; Do not forget to turn off your air conditioner, which will cause you to waste energy every minute of extra work.

* You are in an old insulated building; improve insulation to meet current conditions. Use good insulation products here.

It is important to follow routine maintenance requirements and instructions for use.

* In order to extend the service life of your air conditioner, compliance with the “Operating Instructions” is very important. Each brand and model has its own usage rules. For this reason, the information provided by the Authorized Dealers and Services must be complied with.

* Maintenance is very important and must not be interrupted to ensure high performance and optimum operation. These regular maintenance treatments will also save you money on energy.

* In case of possible malfunctions, the malfunction code on the device should be noted and taken to the standby position or disabled from the device fuse. Persons not authorized to carry out maintenance / repairs should definitely request authorized service personnel not to be intervened.Reviews

* If any additional accessories are to be purchased or spare parts are to be used for any reason, the brand’s original and used models should be preferred.

* Your air conditioner should be periodically maintained twice a year.

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